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The Intersegmental Pathways Task Force

Educational Systems and Intersegmental Pathways Task Force

About the Task Force

The Guided Pathways work calls for all colleges to develop and publish program maps that specify term-by-term pathways from program entry through completion. These maps are powerful tools both for students and for faculty members and staff who must grapple with the task of clarifying complex catalog and transfer information. The work of developing these pathways requires attention to a number of factors including transfer destination, unit load, and developmental requirements. Enabling students to clearly visualize what is involved in a typical or possible program pathway as well as the types of occupations and associated labor market information has been demonstrated to increase program engagement and retention.

The Chancellor's Office and Bakersfield College are partnering with 11 other community colleges to expand the Program Pathways Mapper. An example of how the mapper presents a program description and map can be found directly at the Bakersfield College Program Mapper or through the Bakersfield College web site.

The second wave of Program Pathways Mapper implementation launched in May! If your college is interested in joining Wave Three of implementation (launching November, 2019), fill in the PPM readiness assessment to let us know of your interest.

Partnership Directory

Office of the Chancellor of California Community Colleges

photo of Laura Hope

Laura Hope - Executive Vice Chancellor, Workforce and Economic Development

photo of Van Ton-Quinlivan

Van Ton-Quinlivan - Executive Vice Chancellor, Workforce and Economic Development

photo of Omid Pourzanjani

Omid Pourzanjani - Visiting Senior Executive, Digital Futures Lab

photo of Robert Rundquist

Robert Rundquist - Senior Executive, Guided Pathways

photo of Laura Metune

Laura Metune - Vice Chancellor for External Relations

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

photo of Krystinne Mica

Krystinne Mica - Chief Operating Officer

photo of Dolores Davison

Dolores Davison - Vice President, Foothill College

photo of Carrie Roberson

Carrie Roberson - Guided Pathways Chair, Butte College

Bakersfield College

photo of Sonya Christian

Sonya Christian - President

photo of Craig Hayward

Craig Hayward - Dean of Institutional Effectiveness

photo of Jessica Wojtysiak

Jessica Wojtysiak - Faculty Co-Chair, Guided Pathways Implementation Team Faculty

photo of Lesley Bonds

Lesley Bonds - Co-Chair, Guided Pathways Implementation Team

photo of Erica Menchaca

Erica Menchaca - Faculty, Education

California State University, Bakersfield

photo of Vikash Lakhani

Vikash Lakhani - Assistant Vice President for Student Success

photo of Ben Perlado

Ben Perlado - Director of Admissions and Records

Kern High School District

photo of Ben Sherley

Ben Sherley - Director of Educational Services

Concentric Sky

photo of Wayne Skipper

Wayne Skipper - Founder/CEO

California State University Office of the Chancellor

photo of Patrick Perry

Patrick Perry - Chief Information Officer, Information Technology

Community College Research Center

photo of Hana Lahr

Hana Lahr - Senior Research Associate

photo of Sarah Griffin

Sarah Griffin - Research Associate

Career Ladders Project

photo of Linda Collins

Linda Collins - Executive Director

RP Group

photo of Darla Cooper

Darla Cooper - Executive Director

photo of Alyssa Nguyen

Alyssa Nguyen - Director of Research and Evaluation

California College Guidance Initiative

photo of Tessa Carmen de Roy

Tessa Carmen de Roy - Executive Team President

Cal-PASS Plus Project/Educational Results Partnership

photo of Anthony Dalton

Anthony Dalton - Senior Executive Vice President of Data Science

Cypress Community College

photo of JoAnna Schilling

JoAnna Schilling - President

photo of Kathleen Reiland

Kathleen Reiland - Faculty, Aviation

photo of Steven Glyer

Steven Glyer - Consultant for Workforce Development

photo of Steven Glyer

Amy Kaufman - K14 Career Pathways Specialist

Cabrillo Community College

photo of Matt Wetstein

Matt Wetstein - Superintendent/President

photo of Terrence Willettt

Terrence Willett - Dean of Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Campaign for College Opportunity

photo of Michele Siqueiros

Michele Siqueiros - President

photo of Audrey Dow

Audrey Dow - Senior Vice President

photo of Jessie Ryan

Jessie Ryan - Executive Vice President

College Futures Foundation

photo of Shawn Whalen

Shawn Whalen - Senior Program Officer

Participating Organizations

Academic Senate of California Community Colleges
Bakersfield College
Cabrillo College
California Community College Chancellor's Office
California Guided Pathways
Career Ladders Project
Community College Guidance Initiative
Community College Research Center
Concentric Sky
Cal State University Bakersfield
The California State University
Cypress College
Educational Results Partnership
Kern High School District
RP Group
College Futures Foundation
Campaign for College Opportunity

Media and Resources

Task Force Meeting Information

Date/Time Location Focus and Materials
November 29, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Los Angeles Airport Marriot
January 31, 2019
2:00-4:00 p.m.
March 21, 2019
8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
CSU Chancellor's Office
401 Golden Shore - Long Beach, CA 90802
June 4, 2019
2:00-4:00 p.m.
September 26, 2019
8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
California Community College Chancellor's Office
1102 Q St, Sacramento, CA 95811
November 21, 2019
2:00-4:00 p.m.
January 30, 2020
2:00-4:00 p.m.
March 26, 2020
8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Face-to-Face Last Face-to-Face Meeting
May/June 2020
2:00-4:00 p.m.

The Board of Directors of College Futures Foundation approved a grant of $396,000 to the Kern Community College District to support Bakersfield College in partnership with CSU Bakersfield and Concentric Sky develop a program mapper model. This intersegmental digital transfer planning tool will help students navigate a program of study from Bakersfield College to CSU Bakersfield and serve as a prototype for the CSU system.

Program Pathways Mapper

For any questions regarding the program mapper project, please contact Craig Hayward, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness at Bakersfield College.

The second wave of Program Pathways Mapper implementation will be starting soon! Look for a Solicitation of Interest in the coming months. Wondering what will put your college in a better position to be selected? Start working on course sequence maps for programs in your pathways.

Important Dates

Date Project
September 9, 2018 Solicitation of Interest released
September 20, 2018 Solicitation of Interest webinar
October 8, 2018 Application and letter of interest due; pilot participants selected
October 19, 2018 Orientation webinar for colleges selected to participate
October 26-November 2, 2018 Focused trainings for participants
November 2-December 15, 2018 Data and program map loading
February 8, 2019 Pathways Mapper workshop
February 28, 2019 Program all colleges, districts and consortia live
March 2019 Second Wave Solicitation of Interest released
May 2019 Second Wave Begins

Early Implementers

Bakersfield College
Cabrillo College
Cypress College

First Wave Participants

Coastline College
Compton College
Cuesta College
East Los Angeles College


Los Angeles City College
Los Angeles Trade Tech College
Los Angeles Valley College
Los Medanos College


West Los Angeles College

Second Wave Participants

Canada College
Chaffey College
College of the Canyons
El Camino College


Glendale Community College
Lake Tahoe Community College
Los Angeles Harbor College
Los Angeles Mission College


LA Southwest
Merced College
Modesto Junior College
Palomar College


Pasadena College
Pierce College
Santa Barbara City College
Kern Community College District