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The Intersegmental Pathways Task Force

Educational Systems and Intersegmental Pathways Task Force (ESIP)

About the Task Force

The Guided Pathways work calls for all colleges to develop and publish program maps that specify term-by-term pathways from program entry through completion. These maps are powerful tools both for students and for faculty members and staff who must grapple with the task of clarifying complex catalog and transfer information. The work of developing these pathways requires attention to a number of factors including transfer destination, unit load, and developmental requirements. Enabling students to clearly visualize what is involved in a typical or possible program pathway as well as the types of occupations and associated labor market information has been demonstrated to increase program engagement and retention.

The Chancellor's Office and Bakersfield College are partnering with more than 20 other community colleges to expand the Program Pathways Mapper. An example of how the mapper presents a program description and map can be found directly at the Bakersfield College Program Mapper or through the Bakersfield College web site. Another area of focus for the ESIP task force has been on clarifying intersegmental pathways, helping students navigate the transition from K-12 to community college and from community college to the CSU or UC. The Program Finder is now a functioning reality that clarifies the path for high school career technical education students who wish to continue along that program pathway at the community college level.

The Program Pathways Mapper has continued to grow and evolve, as well, it is currently poised to begin a third wave of community college onboarding while, thanks to support from the College Futures Foundation, a prototype for the CSU system that includes intersegmental pathways mapping for transfer degrees will soon be ready to launch. Building on the CSU prototype work, a group of five CSUs will soon be launching an intersegmental program mapping project in concert with their closest community college partner. Finally, Bakersfield College, Merced College, and UC Merced are eager to develop a prototype of the Program Pathways Mapper for the UC system.