Bakersfield College

International Students at Bakersfield College


Evidence of financial support will be required prior to your acceptance at BC. A bank statement showing that the student or his/her sponsor has sufficient funds on deposit must be included with the application. Student must be fully prepared to meet all necessary financial obligations for the time they are at Bakersfield College.

All International Students are required to take at least 12 units of course load per semester. There are two semesters in a year.

All fees are payable upon enrollment and registration into courses.

Tuition can be paid in cash, traveler’s check, credit card, or personal check with US account.

Estimated expenses:

International student out of state tuition fee- year 2017-2018:

Out of state tuition

$212.00 each unit

Enrollment Fee

$46.00 each unit

Textbooks and supplies

$850.00 average per semester

Housing (off-campus) and living expenses (estimated):

$850.00 per month (average)


$15,000 US (average)

Dependents: F-1 students must show a bank account with additional US $5000.00 for spouse and US $3500.00 per child. 

A one- time application processing fee of $50.00 is required by all new applicants.

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