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Continuing International Students


All students must submit an update form online each semester.

Change Address

Whenever you change your address or phone number, you must update your information with Bakersfield College AND International Student Affairs office within 10 days.


To change your address or phone number with Bakersfield College, you must update Banner with your new address. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to insideBC
  2. Select MyBanWeb menu dropdown in the top left window of the screen
  3. Select Update Address
  4. Click Change under Mailing Address
  5. Enter your correct information
  6. Click Save
  7. Update ISA and SEVIS, details below.

Update ISA and SEVIS

Complete the Address Update form for F-1 students and submit it to the International Student Affairs Office.

SEVIS Regulations Regarding F-1 Students

  1. A student who drops below 12 credits without prior approval from the International Student Services Official will be out of status. Only one part-time approval is allowed for the entire time you are attending Bakersfield College, but you must get the approval of the counselor.
  2. Only one Distance Learning/Online course may be counted toward the 12-credit requirement.
  3. You have only 15 days to leave the U.S. if you decide to withdraw from your classes.
  4. You MUST bring a signed official medical documentation from a physician to the International Student Services Office if you are sick and cannot attend school full-time.
  5. If you plan to travel during the summer or winter recess, check with the International Student Services for the I-20 endorsement.
  6. If you are out of F-1 status for more than 5 months, you must file the Reinstatement.
  7. If planning to transfer to another school, you must obtain the transfer school endorsement from the International Student Services Office.
  8. If you are planning to move, or have moved to a new address, you must report your address to the International Student Services Office within 10 days.
  9. You may not engage in an employment without the permission of International Student Services Office.
  10. Upon graduation from BC, you may be authorized for 12 months of practical training (OPT). Please check with ISSO for details.


If you wish to transfer to another U.S. campus, you must complete and submit the F-1 Transfer-Out Request.

Transfer Eligibility

  • You are in legal F-1 status
  • The last semester at BC was full-time (minimum 12 units)
  • The chosen U.S. school is your final choice
  • Acceptance letter from the school has your name and the term of your admittance on school letterhead
  • All fees owed to BC are paid in full and cleared
  • You are not enrolled, or have dropped before form is submitted, in the upcoming term

Instructions for International Students

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