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International Students at Bakersfield College

Admission Criteria for International Students




1. Foreign nationals who enter the United States on a Visitor visa must change their visa status to an F-1 student visa in order to be admissible to Bakersfield College. The B1/B2 visa must be valid while admission application is being evaluated by USCIS

2. F-1 visa students must provide evidence of high school completion or academic achievement equivalent to a U.S. High School education

3. F-1 visa students must offer evidence that they possess sufficient knowledge of English language to profit from instruction at the college level

4. F-1 visa students who have attended a college in the United States must show satisfactory academic progress.

5. F-1 visa students must participate in the Assessment, F-1 Orientation, and Counseling before enrolling in classes

6.  All students are placed in courses based on their assessment scores in English and Math, unless you have already completed a college level Mathematics and English at a previous college in the US

7.  F-1 visa applicants must present evidence that they are financially capable of defraying all costs during the period of attendance at the college. These costs are approximately $15,000 per school year per student, which include housing and living expenses; textbooks and supplies

8.  F-1 visa students must certify that their intent is to attend college full-time and that no employment is required. Students shall be required to enroll in no less than 12 units (full- time) per semester. Students are expected to complete their community college education in a timely manner

9. F-1 visa students who are accepted will receive a Form called I-20, Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status, and should plan to arrive in Bakersfield about 30 days before classes begin in order to complete assessment and Orientation and to find a suitable place to live

10. Students must make their own housing arrangements and transportation. Dormitory facilities are not available on campus. Please refer to the housing site for more information

11. All F-1 student are required to attend an F-1 Orientation prior to start of semester date. Check the dates of F-1 Oriention located on your Acceptance letter

12. Bakersfield College reserves the right to modify its' programs, tuition and fees, admission and graduation requirements, schedules and other policies, procedures and regulations without notice


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