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Bakersfield College

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How To: Update Form

Every semester you will need to submit an Update Form before being allowed to register for classes. Even if nothing has changed, you will still need to submit the Update Form. For example, if you were a new student in Fall, you will have to complete an Update Form later during the Fall semester before you can register for Spring.

Click MyBanWeb menu dropdown at the top, next to your name.

Select Update Form.

Screenshot of the MyBanweb dropdown and Update Form item.

Campus and Term: Select the term.

Please select a term dropdown.

Where should we contact you? Check that your information is correct.

Residency Check that your information is correct and that nothing changed from the last time that you filled out an update form.

Your Educational Expericence and Goals: Check that your information is correct. This section may need more information. If you have check that you have earned a diploma or degree, it may request the year again.

Please slect a year dropdown.

A Bit More About Yourself Check that your information is correct and that nothing changed from the last time that you filled out an update form. For instance, recieving assistance or military status can change.

Student Rep Fee Yes is the default.

Privacy Information You have the right to ask us not to share directory information by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). If you do not authorize us to share your directory information, we will not be able to publish your name on the honor roll, acknowledge your participation in athletic teams or confirm your attendance without your prior written approval.

The privacy statement section of the form.

Verification Read this part carefully to understand what you are agreeing to. Among verifying your information is correct, you are also agreeing to the District Privacy Policy and the Kern Community College District's Computing and Network Use Policy.

Verification section of the form with 4 declaration boxes that must be checked and the submit application button.

Click Submit Application

Now, you may register for classes.