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Renegades Around the World Homecoming 2019 October 14-19

Homecoming Royalty

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The Homecoming Royalty Court

Homecoming Royalty is an honored and longstanding tradition of Bakersfield College’s Homecoming celebration. The Royalty nomination and selection process is a tremendous opportunity to showcase and recognize a few of the many outstanding students at Bakersfield College. The Homecoming Royalty Court is comprised of four (4) students who shall represent the College and student body at various campus and community events throughout the year. 

The selection process for the Homecoming Royalty Court is based upon leadership activities, academic achievement, and campus involvement. An essay, resume, and headshot must be completed as part of the application process. All nominees will be initially interviewed and screened by a panel of judges, whom will select a maximum of 12 candidates for a title of the BC Royalty Court. Please note that the Homecoming Court selection process is not a beauty pageant or a popularity contest. Royalty will be screened and ultimately selected based on the applicants’ ability to articulate and demonstrate academic performance, interview, curricular and co-curricular involvement, college standing, contributions to the College as well as to the Bakersfield Community, and BC Renegade Spirit.

While anyone can nominate a student or self-nominate, the Homecoming Competition Teams have the opportunity to nominate a maximum of two individuals whom they feel exemplifies the BC Renegade Spirit. A nominee does not need to be a member of a team, but the nominee can only represent one team.

How to Apply for Homecoming Royalty Court

To be an applicant for Homecoming Royalty Court, candidates must agree to the following:

  • Be a current and registered Bakersfield College student enrolled in six or more credits and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  • Be in good standing with Bakersfield College (no judiciary sanctions). All past judicial sanctions will be reviewed by the Director of Student Life to determine eligibility.
  • Cannot be sponsored or funded by a College office, department, or governing organizations (Student Government, Academic Departments, Student Services Offices, etc.) but can be sponsored by registered student organizations or community partners.
  • Provide a typed essay (300-word min) expressing the candidate’s school spirit and why the candidate should be selected as Homecoming Royalty, along with a current resume and professional headshot.
  • If a candidate is found to be under the influence of alcohol or substances or under review for judicial sanctions before or during any event, the candidate will be withdrawn from the competition. All candidates must abide by the Student Code of Conduct.

All Candidates must:

  • Attend designated Homecoming Activities
  • Be willing to be photographed and filmed
  • Participate in the BC Got Talent competition
  • Participate in the Homecoming Parade
  • Attend the Homecoming Football Game and participate in halftime activities

More Information:

  • To nominate a student, please email
  • Apply for Homecoming Royalty Now!
  • Application Deadline: Friday, October 11, 2019 at Noon
  • Individual Incentive: The four students selected for the 2019 BC Homecoming Royalty Court may also be eligible to receive a $100.
  • Team Competition: 500 points will be given to each team whose nomination made the top 12 candidates. 1000 points will be given to the teams whose nomination is voted onto the Royalty Court.


Voting for the Homecoming Royalty Court will be held from Noon on Monday, October 14, 2019, until 3 p.m. on Saturday, October 19, 2019, online. The coronation of the Homecoming Court will be based upon the combined score of the Homecoming Royalty judges along with the ranking of the number of votes cast for the candidate. The Homecoming Royalty Courts will be crowned during the Football Halftime show on Saturday, October 19, 2019.

Aliyah KhanAliyah Khan, Homecoming Royalty Candidate

My name is Aliyah Imani-Anise Khan. I am 5 degree student at BC. I am a former BC Ag club officer, a two term secretary for SGA. Outside of farming and animals, I enjoy working with students of all ages in finding their "why'' in education, or even better, in agriculture!!.







Charlynn Patricio, Homecoming Royalty CandidateCharlynn Patricio

Charlynn Patricio is a 2nd year psychology major. She hopes to be a school psychiatrist to help those who are struggling with anything. She is the Bakersfield College Student Government Association Secretary and also an administrative assistant for a local business developer. When she isn't working, you can usually find her traveling with her family and friends or playing guitar/ukulele.










Sharon Gilbert, Homecoming Royalty CandidateSharon Gilbert

As a returning student, who has overcome so many obstacles in my life from becoming a mother at the age of 14 to beating addiction, I made a decision in my life to go back to school after 25 years and get my G.E.D to pursue a career in giving back to all those who are in need.

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