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Study Skills

Time Management

How good are you managing your time? 

Do you follow a disciplined study schedule? 

Are you able to avoid cramming information at the last minute?

Do you break down your assignments into manageable steps? 

If you don’t control your time, it will control you!

Tools & Links

Course Records/Study Skills Hints (Divider Tabs)

This tool gives you a place to list important information about your courses - and keep a list of assignments and grades. There are also five pages of study skills hints.

Analyze Your Schedule

Keep track for what you do for an entire week. Then, use this handout to look at how you're using your time, where you're wasting time - and develop a plan to make improvements.

Plan Your Time

We've also created a few tools to help you plan your schedule - for the week, the semester, or for long-term projects.

My Course Has a Syllabus?

This tool helps you get the most out of each syllabus, and take note of important information to help you succeed in each course.

Gmail Scheduling Guide

We've created a guide to help you enter you schedule, appointments, due dates, etc., into your gmail account - and sync it with your phone!

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