Bakersfield College

Strive for Excellence

Strive for Excellence, Excellence isn't a skill. It's an attitude towards life. It's Possible at Bakersfield College

Do the work!

Strive for accuracy.

Don't settle for the "C" - push yourself to do your very best.

Strive for excellence and become a better student.

We've compiled some tools and tips to help you develop the Strive for Excellence Habit of Mind!

Academic Honors

Bakersfield College students can earn the following honors, see how to earn these honors in the BC Catalog.

  • Dean's List
  • Graduation with Honors
  • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
  • President's Scholars
  • President's Re-Entry Scholars Program

Grade Tracker

For classes in Canvas, grades can be found within Canvas. For classes not in Canvas, keep track of the grades on all your assignments, projects, quizzes and tests throughout the semester with the Grade Tracker Tool.

Memory Tips

Memory Tool

Do you need help with memory? This tool has a memory quiz and tips to improve your memory.

This tool was created by Bakersfield College professor Joyce Kirst.


Challenge your brain with scientifically-designed training!

Check out Lumosity today!

Reading Textbooks

Try these quick tips to get more out of your textbook:

  1. Scan through chapter for important concepts and ideas as these will be emphasized on the exams. Look at:
    • category/section headings
    • picture/ diagram captions
    • bold faced words
  2. Read chapter summary.
  3. Read chapter.
  4. Review chapter summary again.

BC Nursing Student Danica Mayrina on Study Skill TEXTBOOK READING

BC student Ivan Mendez on Study Skill TEXTBOOK READING

Study Groups

Learn about study groups and how to make the most of one with Professor Joyce Kirst's Guidelines for Successful Study Groups. Print the sign-up sheet to take to class and start a study group now!