Bakersfield College

Stay Involved

Stay Involved - Surround yourself with people who expect greatness from you.

Network. Mentor (help others). Contribute to Society.

Join Bakersfield College Student Government Association (BCSGA).

Broaden Your Horizons

Your time in college offers an opportunity to widen your horizons and explore new areas.

We've created checklists of ways you can stay involved and broaden your world at Bakersfield College. Join activities to enrich your life and experience college while you are a student.

Discover activities and experiences on campus that will help you get the most out of your time as a Bakersfield College student.

Campus Groups/Organizations

Visit the BC Student Organizations homepage to find an updated list of the many campus organizations!

Classroom Participation

Take a mini-quiz to assess your participation level, then learn ways to become a more active student.


BC Rad Tech Student Karen Landers on STAY INVOLVED

BC Student Marcella Romandia on STAY INVOLVED

Habits of Mind: Stay Involved

TED Talks