Bakersfield College


Weigh the "W"! Pledge to pass your classes.

If you say or write your goals, you are more likely to achieve these goals.

Plan for the full semester.

Persistence pays off - and is important to your success as a college student.

Academic Journal

Bakersfield College Professor Joyce Kirst has developed a handout for creating an Academic Journal, download the:

You can write out your:

  • Daily actions in class
  • Reactions to course activities
  • Action Plans - next steps to success

Help Outside of Class

Here are some guides to help outside of class available to students at Bakersfield College.

Pledge to Pass

Try saying this pledge before your toughest classes, or before an especially difficult test or assignment.

Watch Regina Hukill putting the pledge in action!

I resolve
never to quit,
never to give up
no matter what the
for as long as it takes to pass this class
I'm worth it.

You can also download the Pledge to Pass (PDF).


Bakersfield College students sat down to share their thoughts on Persist - what it means to them, and what they do to persist when the going gets tough.

TED Talks

We've also found some TED Talks that might be helpful for students. TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas - usually in the form of short talks.