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Organize - My planner is my life; it's my organizer.

Come prepared! Keep all your handouts and notes (and keep them organized).

Learn to manage your time and prioritize. Plan for the full semester.

Organize - it's important to keep you on task and ready to go.

Taking Notes

Taking good notes can help you remember what you learned in class, and can be very valuable when studying for tests.

Bakersfield College students shared their tips on taking notes -- in lectures, and when reading textbooks.

Test Preparation

Preparing for your tests is important. We've created two guides to help you prepare for your tests. One is to help you figure out your test preparation strategies. The second will help you determine if your strategies worked, and will help you determine what you can change for your future tests.

Time Management/Schedule Resources

Need help scheduling your time? Organize your day, week and semester with these tools.

Scheduling Brochure

Professor Joyce Kirst has prepared this handout to help you learn the importance of scheduling, as well as tips on how to do it effectively.

Planning Calendar

This handy calendar already includes some of the important dates on Bakersfield College's campus - print it out and add your own information to keep yourself organized all semester!

We've also prepped this example to show you how it's done:

Analyze Your Schedule

Keep track of what you do for an entire week - then use this tool to see where you might be wasting your time, and develop a plan to make improvements.

When you're done, use the blank weekly schedule form to make sure you stay on track!

Here's an example of a filled out weekly schedule to give you ideas and help get you started:

Long Term Project Plan

This wDownload the Long Term Project Plan tool helps you figure out the requirements of a long-term projects - and set up a personal schedule to get it all done by the time it's due

Google Calendar

Use Gmail to Schedule Your Time! Enter your schedule, appointments, due dates, etc., into the calendar that is part of your student gmail account - and sync it with your phone!


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