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Habits of Mind

Habits of Mind Persist Poster featuring student and words Persist - Never give up. Go forward with your goal.

Welcome to Bakersfield College Habits of Mind! 

Explore information about Habits of Mind at Bakersfield College, as well as resources for students and faculty members.

It's POSSIBLE at Bakersfield College!

Check out our Habits and Resources pages. Below, you'll see examples of what you can find on each page.


  • Pledge to Pass
  • Use Your Syllabus





  • Time Management Tools
  • Videos
  • CAS Workshops

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Strive for Excellence

  • Reading Textbooks
  • Taking Tests
  • Academic Honors
  • Test Prep
  • Videos
  • CAS Workshops

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Stay Involved

  • Campus Clubs
  • Classroom Participation
  • First Day Activity
  • Grade Tracker
  • Stay Involved Form
  • Videos
  • CAS Workshops

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  • Study Groups
  • Videos
  • CAS Workshops

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Be Focused

  • Choose a Major
  • Memory Tips
  • Taking Notes
  • My Degree Path
  • Student Ed Plan
  • Videos
  • CAS Workshops

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Learn for Life

  • Academic Journal
  • Learn about World
  • Learn How You Can
  • Levan Center
  • Levan Institute
  • Math for Life
  • Metacognition
  • Videos
  • CAS Workshops

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Emphasize Integrity

  • How to Cite?
  • Academic Honesty & Plagiarism
  • Code of Conduct
  • Videos
  • CAS Workshops

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Study Skills

  • Time Management
  • Taking Notes
  • Reading Texbooks
  • Memory
  • Vocabulary

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  • Academic Calendar
  • Workshop Calendar

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I Need Help With

  • My Campus
  • My Classes
  • My Future
  • My Life
  • Barriers to Success
  • Help Outside of Class
  • Writing Help

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Faculty/Staff Tools

  • Getting involved
  • Starting study groups
  • Planning calendar
  • Pledge to pass
  • Strategies to support
  • Syllabus blurb
  • Staff workstation blurb
  • T-Shirt Request
  • Video of Regina
  • Presentations
  • FCDC Resources
  • Submit a tool

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