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Bakersfield College

Habits of Mind

Welcome to Bakersfield College Habits of Mind! 

Explore information about Habits of Mind at Bakersfield College, as well as resources for students and faculty members.

It's POSSIBLE at Bakersfield College!

The Habits of Mind

Learn about each Habit of Mind, along with tools and resources to help you succeed.


  • Academic Journal
  • Barriers to Succes
  • Outside of the Classroom
  • Pledge to Pass


  • Helpful Links
  • Understanding your Syllabus (not linked)
  • Taking Notes
  • Test Preparation
  • Time Management
  • Videos

Strive for Excellence

  • Academic Honors
  • Grade Tracker
  • Memory Tips
  • Reading Textbooks
  • Study Groups
  • Writing Help
  • Videos

Stay Involved

  • Broaden Your Horizons
  • Campus Groups/Organizations
  • Classroom Participation
  • First day activity sheet (removed)
  • Videos


  • Renegade Talks
  • Videos

Be Focused

  • Choose a Major
  • Helpful Links
  • Videos

Learn for Life

  • Career Services
  • Learn About the World
  • Learn How you Learn
  • Levan Center
  • Levan Institute
  • Math for Life
  • Metaconginition
  • Transfer Services
  • Videos

Emphasize Integrity

  • Academic Honesty & Plagiarism
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Videos

Further Resources

Study Skills

  • Time Management
  • Taking Notes
  • Reading Texbooks
  • Taking Tests
  • Memory
  • Vocabulary

Faculty/Staff Tools

  • General Tools
  • FCDC Resources
  • How to get Involved
  • Theory
  • Strategy Map
  • Background
  • Goals
  • Plans