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Faculty members at the 2013 Great Teachers Seminar

Great Teachers Seminar

Spring 2015: March 20-22 at UCLA Conference Center

Interested in improving your craft in teaching? Interested in doing that with other commuted teachers from BC? Interested in doing that in a gorgeous setting? If you answered yes to all three, then Great Teachers Seminar (GTS) is for you! (Extra bonus: you get 16 hours of Flex credit too!)

For a number of years now, faculty from BC have gathered for a weekend-long retreat during the spring semester to share their successes/innovations in teaching practices, what challenges/problems they have in the classroom, and other tricks of the trade. For the past several years we have met at the UCLA Conference Center at Lake Arrowhead to learn from each other, support each other, enjoy the amenities at the conference center (including great food), and have some fun!

Basic Schedule

Friday: carpool up to the retreat location arriving in the afternoon/early evening. Share our innovation papers and our problem papers with each other in the evening.

Saturday: Share "tricks of the trade". Brainstorm on the topics people want to discuss in the rest of the retreat, vote on which topics people want to cover to determine what are the top 4-6 "hot topics", and then break out into small group sessions on those hot topics. In the afternoon, enjoy some free time by taking a walk around the lake, going into town for shopping, playing a game at the center or by taking a nap! In the evening small group facilitators share what their groups came up with.

Sunday: Create action plans and task forces to carry out the action plans. Depart after lunch.

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