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Associate Degree Guidelines

The Associate Degree requires 60 degree applicable or transfer level units.

Types of Associate Degrees

BC offers four types of Associate Degrees:

  • Associate of Arts for Transfer (AA-T)
  • Associate of Science for Transfer (AS-T)
  • Associate in Arts (18-24 units major preparation)
  • Associate in Science (24-30 units major preparation)

In addition to the four Associate Degrees, BC offers the Baccalaureate Degree in Industrial Automation with additional requirements. See the Catalog for additional information and talk to a counselor to make sure you meet all requirements.

General Requirements

  1. Educational Planning: Completion of a designated course and a student education plan within the first 15 units at Bakersfield College. Recommended first semester:
    • Agriculture: AGRI B1
    • Allied Health: NURS B100
    • Applied Science and Technology: INDT B10
    • FACE: FDSV B50
    • Physical Education: PHED B1A
    • Physical Science: ARCH B1; ENGR B47
    • Student Development:STDV B1, STDV B2, STDV B6
  2. Minimum of 60 degree applicable units with at least a 2.0 gpa.
  3. At least 12 of the 60 units must be completed with Bakersfield College.
  4. Completion of the required courses of a designated major with a minimum grade of "C."
  5. Competency Requirements:
    • Composition: completion of English B1A with a minimum grade of "C."
    • Mathematics: Two years of high school algebra or MATH B70 with a minimum grade of ‘C’; or an equivalent score on the Placement/Assessment.
    • Reading: a satisfactory score on the Bakersfield College Placement/Assessment or a satisfactory grade in ACDV B50.
  6. Completion of a General Education Pattern: Choose 1:
    • Bakersfield College General Education Specific Requirements
    • California State University General Education Breadth
    • Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)
  7. Completion of one course with a minimum grade of ‘C' meeting the Multicultural Requirement

Please check your catalog year for your correct graduation requirements.

Bakersfield College (BC) degrees may be obtained using one of three General Education Patterns. Follow the Bakersfield College General Education for an Associate Degree, follow the California State University (CSU) Breadth for a degree and transfer to a California State University, or follow the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) for a degree and then transfer to a University of California ( UC) or one of many private schools.

Patterns are located in the Bakersfield College Catalog and on our General Education Patterns page.

For earlier catalog rights, please refer to the appropriate online Bakersfield College catalog.

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