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Kern Promise: Finish In 4

The Kern Promise's Finish in 4 is a new program that supports the increase in student completion with an Associate Degree for Transfer in 60 semester units at BC. Students are then guaranteed admission to CSUB, in a similar major, and will complete an additional 60 semester units to earn a bachelor’s degree! The Finish in 4 efforts aim to guarantee students complete their transfer degree in 2 years at Bakersfield College and a baccalaureate degree in the following 2 years at CSUB. Together, the goal is to move students through to the next stage of their educational and career goals in a more efficient and impactful way.


  • Must be a California resident/AB540 eligible
  • Must be a first-time college student who has graduated from a Kern County high school within the past year
  • Must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid­­ (FAFSA)


  • Declare an approved Associates Degree for Transfer
  • Enroll in at least 15 units each semester or 30 units each year
  • Enroll in college level math and English within the first year
  • Meet with Finish in 4 staff each semester
  • Maintain a BC grade point average of 2.0 or higher


  • Tuition paid for while at BC (contingent on funding)
  • $250 book grants per semester (contingent on funding) 
  • Priority registration while at BC and CSUB
  • Access to designated Finish in 4 counselor/advisor
  • Note: Applications received after September 10, 2019 will not receive awards until the subsequent semester.

Eight CSUB representatives at Transfer Day 2019


The following Associate Degrees for Transfer at Bakersfield College have been approved and mapped out with their similar Bachelor's Degrees at CSUB for completion within a total of 4 years. Visit each major to view the planned route for completion of the Associates Degree within 2 years at BC, followed by planned route for completion of the Bachelor's Degree in 2 years at CSUB. All documents are PDF files.

BC Transfer Degree CSUB "Similar" or "Compatible" Major
AA-T Administration of Justice BA Criminal Justice - General
AA-T Anthropology BS Anthropology - General
AS-T Biology BS Biology - General
AS-T Business Administration
AS-T Business Administration - Accounting
BS Business Administration - General Business
BS Business Administration - Accounting
AS-T Chemistry BS Chemisty - Traditional
BS Chemistry - American Chemical Society Certification (ACS)
AS-T Early Childhood Education BA Child, Adolescent & Family Studies - General
AA-T Elementary Teacher Education BA Liberal Studies – Teacher Preperation Track
AA-T English
AA-T English - Credential Emphasis
BA English - Language & Literature
BA English - Credential Emphasis
AS-T Geology BS Geology - General
AA-T History BA History - General
AA-T Journalism BA Communications - Journalism
AS-T Mathematics BS Mathematics - Applied
AA-T Philosophy BA Philosophy - General
BA Philosophy - Ethics and Moral Reasoning
BA Philosophy - Law, Justice, and Social Policy
AA-T Political Science BA Political Science
AA-T Psychology BA Psychology - General
AA-T Sociology BA Sociology - Traditional
BA Sociology - Ethnic Studies
BA Sociology - Human Services
AA-T Spanish - Heritage Speakers
AA-T Spanish - Non Heritage Speakers
BA Spanish - Heritage Speakers
BA Spanish - Non Heritage Speakers
AA-T Studio Arts BA Art - Studio
AA-T Theater Arts - Stagecraft BA Theater - General

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