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Kern Promise: Finish In 4

The Kern Promise’s Finish in 4 is a new program that supports the increase in student completion with an Associate Degree for Transfer in 60 semester units at BC. Students are then guaranteed admission to CSUB, in a similar major, and will complete an additional 60 semester units to earn a bachelor’s degree! The Finish in 4 efforts aim to guarantee students complete their transfer degree in 2 years at Bakersfield College and a baccalaureate degree in the following 2 years at CSUB. Together, the goal is to move students through to the next stage of their educational and career goals in a more efficient and impactful way.


  • Must be a California resident/AB540 eligible 
  • Must be a first-time college student who has graduated from a Kern County high school within the past year
  • Must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid­­ (FAFSA)


  • Declare an approved Associates Degree for Transfer
  • Enroll in at least 15 units each semester or 30 units each year
  • Enroll in college level math and English within the first year
  • Meet with Finish in 4 staff each semester
  • Maintain a BC grade point average of 2.0 or higher


  • Tuition paid for while at BC 
  • $250 book grants per semester
  • Priority registration while at BC and CSUB
  • Access to designated Finish in 4 Counselor/Advisor 

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The following Associate Degrees for Transfer at Bakersfield College have been approved and mapped out with their similar Bachelor's Degrees at CSUB for completion within a total of 4 years. Click on each major to view the planned route for completion of the Associates Degree within 2 years at BC, followed by planned route for completion of the Bachelor's Degree in 2 years at CSUB. All documents are PDF.

BC Transfer Degree CSUB "Similar" or "Compatible" Major
AA-T Administration of Justice BA Criminal Justice - General
AA-T Anthropology BS Anthropology - General
AS-T Biology BS Biology - General

AS-T Business Administration

AS-T Business Administration - Accounting 

BS Business Administration - General Business

BS Business Administration - Accounting

AS-T Chemistry

BS Chemisty - Traditional

BS Chemistry - American Chemical Society Certification (ACS)

AS-T Early Childhood Education BA Child, Adolescent & Family Studies - General
AA-T Elementary Teacher Education BA Liberal Studies – Teacher Preperation Track

AA-T English

AA-T English - Credential Emphasis

BA English - Language & Literature

BA English -  Credential Emphasis

AS-T Geology

BA Geology - General

BS Geology - General

AA-T History BA History - General
AA-T Journalism BA Communications - Journalism
AA-T Kinesiology

BS Kinesiology - Applied Exercise Science

BS Kinesiology - Physical Activity Leadership

AS-T Mathematics BS Mathematics - Applied
AA-T Philosophy

BA Philosophy - General

BA Philosophy - Ethics and Moral Reasoning

BA Philosophy - Law, Justice, and Social Policy

AA-T Political Science BA Political Science
AA-T Psychology BA Psychology - General
AA-T Sociology

BA Sociology - Traditional

BA Sociology - Ethnic Studies

BA Sociology - Human Services

AA-T Spanish - Heritage Speakers

AA-T Spanish - Non Heritage Speakers

BA Spanish - Heritage Speakers

BA Spanish - Non Heritage Speakers 

AA-T Studio Arts BA Art - Studio
AA-T Theater Arts - Stagecraft BA Theater - General

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