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Exciting News from BC Financial Aid

Updated: July 9, 2018

The BC Financial Aid Office is committed to providing students with better service and that means adapting to the fast-paced and electronic world we live in. That is why BC Financial Aid has partnered with a variety of vendors to ensure students can access their financial aid funding faster and easier than ever before!

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Paperless Verification & Appeals

Printing paper documents and hauling them to the Financial Aid Office? Not anymore! Financial Aid now provides electronic verification and appeal submission. This means students can complete all their required verification paperwork completely online and even from their mobile phones! Information on setting up your paperless account can be found on our homepage.

Electronic Disbursements

Green Envelope example for Electronic Dispursement

Paper checks are so 2017! BC Financial Aid is partnering with BankMobile to deliver financial aid faster through electronic disbursements. Students will receive a bright green Refund Selection Kit (as pictured) in the mail and choose from 3 disbursement options, some as quick as the same business day! Students must make their refund selections before the Fall 2018 semester begins to avoid delays. More information on the process can be found here: How It Works.

ECMC Loan Default Prevention

ECMC Solutions LogoBakersfield College has worked diligently with ECMC Solutions to reduce our default rates from 22%* to 16.5%*! This more than 5-point drop was achieved through the use of more accurate data and ECMC’s excellent services for students who are at risk of defaulting. Students can also contact ECMC directly for trusted and free advice regarding their student loans! See our website for details.

*Reduction to default rates is approximate.

Ask The Renegade 24/7 Chat

"Questions? Ask the Renegade" ButtonGot a burning financial aid question? No time to visit the office or is it after hours? Students can use our online chat feature to get instant answers 24/7 to general financial aid questions. Just click on the red “Questions? Ask the Renegade” pop-up in the bottom right-hand corner of any financial aid webpage!

On-Demand Workshops

Financial Aid now offers on-demand presentations for faculty and staff! The menu of presentations includes, but is not limited to: financial literacy, FAFSA tips, completing the verification process, CA Dream Act, foster and homeless youth assistance, scholarships, and much more! If you are interested in having financial aid visit your classroom for an on-demand presentation, just complete this simple form online!

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