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Financial Aid Appeals

If you have been suspended from receiving financial aid, either for exceeding the maximum timeframe or for failing to meet the GPA or completion rate standards, you are entitled to go through the appeal process for financial aid reinstatement. Federal law allows schools to approve appeals if extenuating circumstances affected a student’s ability to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (S.A.P.).


FALL 2017: July 17, 2017 - September 28, 2017

SPRING 2018: November 27, 2017 - February 28, 2018

SUMMER 2018: May 1, 2018 - June 28, 2018


To be considered, you must:

You are required to complete the following sessions through FA TV Counseling:

  1. Understanding the Pell Lifetime Eligiblity Used (LEU) and its Effects
  2. The Essentials to Understanding Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and what it means to you.
  3. A Refresher on the Impact of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  4. The Key Components to the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Financial Aid Appeal Process

*Appeals not meeting the “extenuating circumstances” category will not be accepted. Furthermore, submission of an appeal does NOT GUARANTEE the reinstatement of students’ financial aid. Therefore, students should be prepared to pay for their books and other school related expenses pending the outcome of their appeal.
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