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Financial Aid

NOTICE: Students who are in the process of completing their financial aid will not be dropped for the Fall Semester. It is important to check your insideBC regularly for updates and complete all document requirements as soon as possible to avoid delays.

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Fall 2018 Book Advance Program

Financial Aid Book Advances are granted for your educational purposes only and are available to qualifying students during the first few weeks of the semester.  All Book Advances will be deducted from your Pell grant disbursement.  Book Advance applications will only be accepted August 13th-September 14th and can only be used one time from August 15th-September 17th.  Review the eligibility requirements and download the application here.


IT'S TRUE! Kern Community College District has partnered with BankMobile to deliver your financial aid refund. They are committed to delivering 100% of your refund at no cost, providing students with clear choices and offering great customer service. Students MUST make a refund selection to avoid delays, even if choosing paper check by mail.

Visit our BankMobile Disbursements page to learn more.

Bank Mobile Disbursements

Is Your Financial Aid Ready for 2018-2019? Set Up Your Paperless Account Now

No more waiting in lines to turn in your verification paperwork! Just follow these steps to get started with paperless financial aid:

  1. Log in to insideBC. Your user ID is @00xxxxx and if this is your first time logging in, your password is your six-digit birthday (MMDDYY).
  2. Select Financial Aid.
  3. Select Eligibility.
  4. Select Award Year 2018 - 2019 from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click “Campus Logic Connect Verification.”
  6. Enter your insideBC login username and password, click “Sign In.”
  7. You will be asked to “Register Account” by providing your First Name, Last Name, DOB, SSN, BC email, and current phone number where you can receive text messages.
  8. Important: Make sure your Name, DOB, SSN match exactly what you entered on the FAFSA or DreamAct application.
  9. Once you have entered all information in the steps above, click "Register Account."

You can also watch this video on how to set up a paperless account:

Scam Alert!

BC has been made aware that there are ads circulating on social media targeting students and alumni claiming to assist with student loan forgiveness and consolidation.  These companies are using Bakersfield College's name, logo, and photographs to create the impression that BC has endorsed or supports their fraudulent student loan forgiveness program.

These companies are marketing their scams through Facebook News Feeds and websites operating under several different names. Please do not respond to any companies who advertise to help you have your loans forgiven.

If you are looking for advice on student loan repayment options, loan consolidation, or possible student loan forgiveness, ECMC  is BC’s partner to assist all students with loan forgiveness, deferment, and repayment. You may also contact BC’s Financial Aid Department with any questions.


The Office of Financial Aid would like to encourage all students to refer to their InsideBC for any required documentation. In order to receive your financial aid funds faster, please complete the fillable PDF forms online, print, and submit to the financial aid office. All documents must be physically signed and dated for processing. Completed documents can be submitted in office, via email, or via fax to:

Bakersfield College Financial Aid Office
1801 Panorama Drive
Bakersfield, CA 93305
Fax: 661-395-4688

Payment Schedules

2018-19 Payment Schedule

Pell Grant Disbursements

Pell grant payments are disbursed in 3 payments per semester. Unsure about how your payment is calculated? Read important information about Pell Grant Calculations.

2018-19 California College Promise Grant (formerly known as Board of Governors Enrollment Fee Waiver BOGW)

For eligible California residents, the California Community Colleges Promise Grant, formally known as the BOG Fee Waiver, permits enrollment fees to be waived.  (Assistance for the purchase of books and supplies must be applied for separately through FAFSA or CA Dream Act) The California College Promise Grant (CCPG) is a state funded program available for eligible California residents and eligible AB540 students attending California community colleges. The CCPG waives the $46 per unit enrollment fees for an eligible student. To apply for a CCPG, students must either complete a FAFSA application or California Dream Act application, or complete a paper application (link is below) and bring it to the Office of Financial Aid for review. Students who paid for classes prior to receiving a CCPG will receive a refund if found eligible.. The CCPG program is not a cash award. CCPG eligible students will be responsible for:

  • Student Health Fee
  • Student Rep Fee
  • Student Center Fee
  • Material Fees
  • Books and Supplies

Apply for 2017-18 (Summer 2018) BOGW and submit to the Office of Financial Aid.

Apply for 2018-19 (Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Summer 2019) Promise Grant and submit to the Office of Financial Aid.

FAFSA/Dream Act Application

The first step in the financial aid process is to apply! Start by submitting your financial aid FAFSA / Dream Act application online.

Loan Default Prevention

E C M C Solutions Logo

Don't default on your federal student loan! There are options that may help you avoid default. Bakersfield College has teamed up with E.C.M.C. Solutions, Student loan repayment and financial literacy services, to provide student loan borrowers a resource to help you manage your educational loans. This service is FREE of charge and you can contact them regarding loan repayment advice, repayment plan options, forbearances and deferments, and loan forgiveness. Contact E.C.M.C. Solutions by phone at 1-877-331-3262 or visit the E.C.M.C. Solutions website to connect through email or web chat with one of their counselors.

Photo I.D. Required

The Office of Financial Aid is available to answer general questions. In order to protect your identity and information, any inquiries regarding your financial aid will require a photo ID.

F.S.A I.D. (Federal Student Aid ID)

F.S.A. I.D. has replaced the Federal Student Aid PIN number. This will be your new way to log in to your account. Please see the attached link for STEPS on how to update your new F.S.A. I.D. Steps for F.S.A. I.D.

Additional helpful links for Help with F.S.A. I.D.

Financial Aid Status

Want to know your status? See our FAQs on how to check your insideBC account for your 2017-18 Financial Aid Status. Verify if there is any additional paperwork that you will need to submit for the coming year. If it does not give you an option to check your 2017-18 status, please verify that your 2017-18 FAFSA was processed through Remember: It is your responsibility to be sure you have submitted all required documentation in a timely manner!

Tax Return Transcript

If you are required to submit an IRS transcript of your 2016 tax return, you can order Tax RETURN Transcripts online or call 1-800-908-9946. A free copy will be mailed to you. It may take 5-10 days to receive them in the mail.

Can't locate your copy of your W-2? You can order Income and Wage transcripts online.

Consortium Agreements

Consortium Agreements allow students enrolled at more than one school in a given semester to receive the maximum amount of federal aid for which they are eligible considering enrollment at both schools. A student may receive federal financial aid from only one school during any given semester. If a student is enrolled at more than one school, a Consortium Agreement between BC (the home institution) and Taft College (the host institution) will allow a student to count classes from both schools during one semester and receive the maximum amount of financial aid for which the student is eligible. If either school chooses not to enter into a Consortium Agreement, a student’s financial aid will be based solely upon his/her enrollment at only one of the schools. The BC Financial Aid Office and any other institution reserve the right to deny consortium agreement requests.

Schools BC does Consortium Agreements with:

Taft College

Before requesting a Consortium Agreement, with BC acting as the home institution, a student must meet the following criteria:


  • Admitted as degree-seeking and actively pursuing a degree from BC and only receiving financial aid with BC.
  • BC is home school
  • Enrolled at BC; and
  • Concurrently enrolled or planning to enroll at Taft College. The units you are taking with Taft College must be transferable to BC and be necessary for the degree you are pursuing at BC.

    Please note that while a Consortium Agreement allows a student to receive full eligibility for Title IV Aid (Pell Grants, CAL grant and any other additional free aid) The Consortium Agreement does not honor those applying for a student loan. You will still need to be enrolled in 6 degree applicable units with BC to be eligible.

After any Title IV aid has been disbursed, no increases in financial aid can be made due to enrollment level changes. If units are added after aid has been disbursed, no adjustments can be made to the student's financial aid package.

Students are advised to request a Consortium Agreement at least four (4) weeks prior to the beginning of the semester so proper eligibility can be determined.

Disbursement of aid cannot take place until your enrollment can be certified at both institutions.

A Consortium Agreement must be completed for each semester a student wishes to take classes simultaneously and receive financial aid. Students must contact the BC Financial Aid Office prior to each semester.

It may be difficult to obtain an in-school deferment for prior loan payments when a student is enrolled at two institutions. Contact your lender or servicer for details on obtaining an in-school deferment while simultaneously enrolled. .


All other federal regulations and BC policies and procedures are applicable while a Consortium Agreement is in place. For questions regarding the Consortium Agreement procedures, please call the Office of Financial Aid at (661) 395-4428.

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and list BC (code: 001118) as a school to receive the information and respond to all requests for additional information. The student's Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) will be processed and an award letter will be sent to the student with estimated financial aid eligibility amounts based on total enrollment/tuition for that semester. The student's cost of attendance will reflect actual tuition/fees assessed by the host and home institutions. The remaining cost of books, supplies, room and board, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses will be based upon BC’s standard cost of attendance. Adjustments will be made at the time of disbursement if enrollment changes or original estimates of expenses differ from actual expenses.
  2. Determine enrollment level and make any desired changes before any federal financial aid is disbursed. Aid eligibility cannot be changed, for any reason, after funds are disbursed.
  3. Submit a Consortium Agreement form to the BC Office of Financial Aid. A formal institutional Consortium Agreement will then be submitted by the Financial Aid Office to the other school for enrollment certification. Note: Some institutions cannot certify enrollment until after 30 days of class; therefore, it is the student's responsibility to make whatever arrangements are necessary for fee payment and books at each school. Financial aid cannot be disbursed until the Consortium Agreement has been certified and returned to the BC Financial Aid Office.
  4. The Business Services office will apply all available funds to any outstanding college charges. Excess financial aid will automatically be forwarded to the student via check. It is the student's responsibility to make fee payment arrangements at both the home and host institutions.
  5. . Request an official academic transcript be sent to the BC Admissions and Records Office at the end of the Consortium Agreement semester for determination of satisfactory academic progress. This must be completed before the student can receive financial aid for the next period of enrollment.

Financial Aid and FERPA

Student records are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, state law and Kern Community College District Board Policy from access by casual or unauthorized persons. Access to records is provided to the student, appropriate college staff members, persons having written consent of the student, or by court order or subpoena.

If a student wishes to allow a written consent for authorized party, they must go through the following steps:

  1. Student must to come in the Financial Aid office and fill out the year specific FERPA form. (A FERPA allows authorized person to call or come in on the behalf of that student if that student isn’t present.) The student cannot send a form remotely (i.e. email, fax) because the student's identity must be verified in-person.
  2. Student must supply their student ID to be copied by a Financial Aid staff member to be placed with their FERPA form.
  3. Their FERPA is then added to the students file. The FERPA will posted the student’s tracking requirements with the authorized person(s) name.

The FERPA is only good for the Award Year it was filed for. This will need to be completed every new Award Year.

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