Bakersfield College

Measure J Project Schedule

Measure J Projects Updated 4/15/19

1. Parking Lots 

Construction Dates: April 2018 – October 2018

Current Phase: Completed

Description: Renovation to all current BC parking lots 

Program Value: $3.6 Million

Contractor: Central Valley Asphalt 


2. Wireless Infrastructure

Program Value: $2 Million

Two Separate Phases:

Phase 1

Construction Dates: August 2018-March 2019 (Night Work)

Current Phase: Complete

Description: Updating all interior buildings with wireless access points

Contractor: Gold Coast Electric 

Phase 2

Construction Dates: TBD

Current Phase: In Design

Description: Updating all external/green spaces with wireless access points

Contractor: TBD


3. Veterans Resource Center

Construction Dates: November 2018 – December 2019

Current Phase: In Construction

Status: Slippage to December from November

Description: Improving study area, computer labs, counseling, lounge and other services for student veterans 

Program Value: $7 Million

Contractor: JTS Construction

Architect: IBI Architect 


4. Campus Center

Construction Dates: December 2018 – November 2020 

Current Phase: Demolition

Status: At DSA (Division of State Architect)

Description: New building to house Food Services, Administration, Bakersfield College Foundation, Student Government, and provide a new conference center with flexible room arrangements  

Program Value: $38 Million

Demolition Company: Interior Demolition, Inc. (IDI)

Contractor: TBD

Architect: Ordiz-Melby Architects


5. Memorial Stadium

Program Value: $12.5 Million

Two separate Phases:

Phase 1

Construction Dates: April 2019-July 2019

Current Phase: In Construction

Description: Artificial turf and track replacement

Contractor: Ohno Construction Co.

Architect: Klassen Corporation 

Phase 2

Construction Dates: January 2020 – September 2020

Current Phase: Design

Description: Renovations to restrooms, concession stands, and press box.  Also, replacement of score board, PA system and field lighting.  

Contractor: TBD

Architect: Klassen Corporation


6. Science & Engineering Building

Construction Dates: December 2019 – August 2021 

Current Phase: In Design

Description: New three-story Science and Engineering building to house offices, labs, and classrooms for the Science and Engineering department

Program Value: $65 Million

Contractor: Bernards 

Architect: HMC Architects 


7. Gym

Construction Dates: May 2020 - August 2022

Current Phase: Design

Description: Building a new gym and field house on the BC campus.  These new buildings will house the gymnasium, office spaces, classrooms, weight room, locker rooms, training rooms, field house, and a fitness center. 

Program Value: $63 Million

Contractor: S.C. Anderson, Inc.

Architect: Cannon


8. Campus Signage

Construction Dates: March 2019 - August 2019

Current Phase: Design 

Description: Installing monument signage on the four corners of Bakersfield College: Haley & University, University & Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon & Panorama.  Currently have one monument at Haley and Panorama

Program Value: $200,000

Contractor: TBD

Architect: AP Architects


9. Arvin Campus

Construction Dates: April 2021 - December 2022

Current Phase: Programming

Description : Building a new Bakersfield College satellite campus in the Arvin community.  This will be a multi-use building with classrooms, offices and other services as needed. 

Program Value: $23 Million

Contractor: TBD

Architect: TBD


10. Infrastructure

Construction Dates: Over the course of Measure J projects

Description: To improve the aging Bakersfield College campus, monies have been set aside for repairs/renovations.  These repairs/renovations have been broken up into nine (9) smaller projects.

Current projects in progress:

  • Central Plant - Construction Dates: May 2019 - July 2019; Contractor: Mesa Energy Systems; Designer: P2S Engineering, Inc.

Projects to Come:

  • Campus water pressure and lines
  • EMS system and building meters (water, gas, power)
  • Sewer lines
  • Modifications and repairs to the northeast corner of campus
  • Security cameras/Data/Fiber
  •  High voltage electrical
  • Storm Drain
  • Gas lines

Program Value: $15 Million


11. Swing Space

Construction Dates: Over the course of Measure J projects

Various phases, but to date have completed projects at:

  • COMPLETE - Levinson Building: Modernized to accommodate SGA, Veterans and Health center
  • COMPLETE - The Huddle: Modifications made to accommodate the food services
  • COMPLETE - Mount Vernon Commissary: Formerly known as Tony’s pizza, renovations have been made to house food services’ kitchen 
  • IN PROGRESS - Field House: Temporary Field House will be moved near the practice field during construction; Construction scheduled October 2019 - February 2020  

Description: Temporary classroom and office space for programs to use as they are moved for Measure J projects

Program Value: $12.2 Million

Next swing space phase will include: Temporary locker rooms for athletics and physical education

Contractor: Various

Architect: Ordiz-Melby Architects


12.  New Surface Parking Lot & Entrance to Campus

Construction Dates: July 2020 - August 2021
Current Phase: Programming 
Description: Construction of a new surface parking lot south of the existing Agriculture Farm. This planned parking lot will accommodate approximately 900 spaces, including ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) compliant parking.  A new grand entrance o! Panorama Drive is planned to include two lanes in both directions to alleviate traffic congestion on Haley Street.  The College also plans to relocate two multipurpose fields south of the existing baseball field to provide space for the new parking lot.  
Program Value: $22 Million
Contractor: TBD
Architect: TBD
13. Campus Center Annex
Construction Dates: January 2021 - October 2021
Current Phase: Programming 
Description: Construction of the updated bookstore and business services building.
Program Value: $8 million
Contractor: TBD
Architect: TBD
14. Welcome Center

Construction Dates: January 2021 – February 2022

Current Phase: Programming

Description: Renovation of the current Administration Building to consolidate departments serving incoming student needs and act as a “one-stop shop”

Program Value: $8 million

Contractor: TBD

Architect: TBD