Bakersfield College

Measure J Project Schedule

Measure J Projects Updated 11/8/19


1. Wireless Infrastructure

Program Value: $2 Million

Two Separate Phases: Phase 1 Complete

Phase 2

Construction Dates: TBD

Current Phase: In Design

Description: Updating all external/green spaces with wireless access points

Contractor: TBD


2. Veterans Resource Center

Construction Dates: November 2018 – November 2019

Current Phase: In Construction

Status: Slippage to December from November

Description: Improving study area, computer labs, counseling, lounge and other services for student veterans 

Program Value: $7 Million

Contractor: JTS Construction

Architect: IBI Architect 


3. Campus Center

Construction Dates: November 2018 – November 2020 

Current Phase: Construction

Status: On Schedule

Description: New building to house Food Services, Administration, Bakersfield College Foundation, Student Government, and provide a new conference center with flexible room arrangements  

Program Value: $38 Million

Demolition Company: Interior Demolition, Inc. (IDI)

Contractor: S.C. Anderson

Architect: Ordiz-Melby Architects


4. Memorial Stadium

Program Value: $18.5 Million

Two separate Phases:

Phase 1 complete

Phase 2

Construction Dates: February 2020 – September 2020

Current Phase: Design

Description: Renovations to restrooms, concession stands, and press box.  Also, replacement of score board, PA system and field lighting.  

Contractor: TBD

Architect: Klassen Corporation


5. Science & Engineering Building

Construction Dates: December 2019 – September 2021 

Current Phase: In Design

Description: New three-story Science and Engineering building to house offices, labs, and classrooms for the Science and Engineering department

Program Value: $65 Million

Contractor: Bernards 

Architect: HMC Architects 


6. Gym & Field House

Construction Dates: May 2020 - September 2022

Current Phase: Design

Description: Building a new gym and field house on the BC campus which will house a gymnasium, office spaces, classrooms, weight room, a field house, locker rooms, training rooms, and a fitness center. 

Program Value: $63 Million

Contractor: S.C. Anderson, Inc.

Architect: Cannon


7. Campus Signage

Construction Dates: TBD

Current Phase: Design 

Description: Installing monument signage on the four corners of Bakersfield College: Haley & University, University & Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon & Panorama.  Currently have one monument at Haley and Panorama

Program Value: $200,000

Contractor: TBD

Architect: AP Architects


8. Arvin Campus

Construction Dates: 

  • Civil Package Construction: August 2020 – February 2021
  • Building Package Construction: May 2021 – February 2023 

Current Phase: Programming

Description : Building a new Bakersfield College satellite campus in the Arvin community.  This will be a multi-use building with classrooms, offices and other services as needed. 

Program Value: $23 Million

Contractor: TBD

Architect: TBD


9. Infrastructure

Construction Dates: Over the course of Measure J projects

Description: To improve the aging Bakersfield College campus, monies have been set aside for repairs/renovations.  These repairs/renovations have been broken up into nine (9) smaller projects.

Program Value: $15 Million

Completed projects:

  • Central Plant
  • EMS system and building meters (water, gas, power

Current projects in progress:

  • Campus Water Upgrade/Sewer/Gas - Construction Dates: December 2019 - May 2020; Contractor: TBD; Designer: Quad Knopf

Projects to Come:

  • Modifications and repairs to the northeast corner of campus
  • High voltage electrical
  • Storm Drain
  • Security cameras/Data/Fiber


10. Swing Space

Construction Dates: Over the course of Measure J projects

Various phases, but to date have completed projects at:

  • COMPLETE - Levinson Building: Modernized to accommodate SGA, Veterans and Health center
  • COMPLETE - The Huddle: Modifications made to accommodate the food services
  • COMPLETE - Mount Vernon Commissary: Formerly known as Tony’s pizza, renovations have been made to house food services’ kitchen 
  • IN PROGRESS - Field House: Temporary Field House will be moved near the practice field during construction; Construction scheduled January 2020 - July 2020  

Description: Temporary classroom and office space for programs to use as they are moved for Measure J projects

Program Value: $12.2 Million

Next swing space phase will include: Temporary locker rooms for athletics and physical education

Contractor: Various

Architect: AP Architects


11.  New Surface Parking Lot & Entrance to Campus & Multipurpose Fields

Construction Dates: 
Current Phase: Programming 
Program Value: $26 Million
Contractor: TBD
Architect: AP Architects 
12. Campus Center Annex
Construction Dates: January 2021 - October 2021
Current Phase: Programming 
Description: Construction of the updated bookstore and business services building.
Program Value: $8 million
Contractor: TBD
Architect: Ordiz Melby Architects 
13. Welcome Center

Construction Dates: February 2021 – March 2022

Current Phase: Programming

Description: Renovation of the current Administration Building to consolidate departments serving incoming student needs and act as a “one-stop shop”

Program Value: $8 million

Contractor: TBD

Architect: TETER Architects & Engineers
14. Agriculture Building 

Construction Dates: October 2021 - October 2023

Current Phase: Programming

Description: Create an “Agricultural Quad” to house a single-story general agriculture building, greenhouses, a horticulture shop, and a mechanized agriculture show (ag mech).  

Program Value: $20 million

Contractor: TBD

Architect: TBD
15. Delano Learning Center

Construction Dates: May 2021 - December 2022

Current Phase: Programming

Description: Create a Learning Resource Center on the Delano-Timmons campus to house new classrooms, a library and offices, along with new landscaping.  

Program Value: $27.9 million

Contractor: TBD

Architect: Klassen


1. Parking Lots

Construction Dates: April 2018 - October 2018

Current Phase: Complete

Description: Renovation to all current BC parking lots   

Program Value: $3.6 million

Contractor: Central Valley Asphalt


2. Wireless Infrastructure

Program Value: $2 Million

Phase 1

Construction Dates: August 2018-March 2019 (Night Work)

Current Phase: Complete

Description: Updating all interior buildings with wireless access points

Contractor: Gold Coast Electric 


3. Memorial Stadium

Program Value: $18.5 Million


Construction Dates: April 2019-September 2019

Current Phase: Complete

Description: Artificial turf and track replacement

Contractor: Ohno Construction Co.

Architect: Klassen Corporation 

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