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Bakersfield College

Construction Project Update 9/13/18

The following parking lots are closed for the final phase of parking lot renovations:
P8 (Student parking lot on University Avenue next to football fields)
Road with entrance from University (closed until the Field House)
P11 (Staff parking lot near LA building and pool)
The P9 parking lot (staff parking lot near tennis courts) will be closed for one week, from October 5-October 15.
The final phase of parking lot renovations will be completed by October 15.
Below are the remaining scheduled projects as of September 13, 2018:
Levinson Hall - Partial building closure between 8/9/18-10/19/18  ***There will be modifications to the building for swing space
Veterans Resource Center closed (Finlinson Center) for construction from 9/7/18–11/15/19
Campus Center/ABC Building closed for construction and remodel 12/7/18-9/21/20
Cafeteria Moved to Huddle and Operational 1/7/19
P13 and P14 (the parking lots behind the bookstore and cafeteria) are closed now as construction has begun on the Campus Center, Veteran’s Resource Center, and Finlinson Conference Center. This parking lot will now house trailers and act as the construction offices for AECOM/Parsons since their current location in LEV is being converted to a swing space for SGA, Health Services and VRC.  
The construction fences around the Campus Center will not be closed to path of travel at this time.  The fences have been put up to start preparing students and staff for the new paths of travel scheduled for late October as construction of the Campus Center is scheduled to begin.
The Huddle has closed for modifications so that it may act as the Cafeteria Swing Space once Campus Center closes for construction.
As always, if you have questions or concerns about an individual project, you may contact Bill Potter, Director of Maintenance and Operations and Tamara Baker, Program Manager – Community Relations.
REMEMBER!  You can easily search the BC Event Calendar now by typing in “Construction.”  All current and scheduled projects will appear.  
DISCLAIMER: All project timelines are subject to change as the Measure J program progresses and construction projects evolve. 
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