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Renegade Room

Fine Dining at The Renegade Room

  • Tuesday Night Fine Dining: Service begins February 12
  • Wednesday Lunch Service: Service begins January 30
  • Thursday Night Buffet: Service begins February 7

The Renegade Room Restaurant is a public restaurant operated by the students enrolled in the Foods and Nutrition Program. We are located in the northeast corner of campus, next to the Child Development Center.

The program incorporates lessons in nutrition, cost control, supervision and management, baking, food production, dining room services and food service safety and sanitation.

These skill sets are then applied to hands-on training experiences in both the Kitchen and Dining Room Lab stations. Students are given production menus and schedules to prepare fresh meals, while others see to the Customer Service end of business waiting tables in the Renegade Room.

Spring 2019

Day Meal Plan
Tuesday Night Fine Dining - Service begins February 12

Reservations Available at 5:30PM, 6:00PM, and 6:30PM
$13.50 (Drink extra)

Wednesday Lunch Service - Service begins January 30 Dining Room opens at 11:30AM and closes at 1:00PM
Entree: $12.95
Sandwich: $8.95
Entree Salad: $8.95
Thursday Night Buffet - Service begins February 7

Reservations Available at 5:30PM, 6:00PM, and 6:30PM
$13.95 (Drink extra)

2019 Spring Menu

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Christian Flores-Castaneda
(661) 395-4441

Renegade Room
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