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Virtual Spring Fling: Renegades Surf the Web

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Spring Fling

Our talented group of representatives in the Bakersfield College Student Government Association (BCSGA) have been very busy with moving our annual Spring Fling festival online. The BCSGA team brilliantly organized a fun group of activities through Discord, Zoom and other virtual platforms.

Thank you to our BCSGA representatives and their supporters in the Office of Student Life for keeping Spring Fling Week fun for our campus community. Read more about all of the activities below, and follow BCSGA on Discord.

Escape the Room


On Monday morning, the Office of Student Life hosted a text-based Escape the Room challenge through the virtual chat service Discord. Valerie Urso, a Web Content Editor in the Marketing Department, describes her experience of solving the elaborate puzzle:


“This Monday, I played the BCSGA’s Escape the Room challenge as part of the Spring Fling week slate of virtual events. Once I got through the hurdle of signing up for Discord and figuring out how it works (like Slack, but cooler-looking), I was ready to begin. 


The game was cleverly constructed using a Google form, a Powerpoint and finally, a website with a secret challenge. I had been expecting to click around on a single screen, in an environment that looked pulled straight out of Clue, looking under lamps and behind bookcases. Instead, I found myself on a quest to solve riddles with a unique story customized to being a student at Bakersfield College. I was impressed with the work and creativity that went into putting together a game from the ground up. 


As a bit of a puzzle nerd who in their youth racked up an unseemly number of hours playing Myst, I have to congratulate the BCSGA team for making something original that was both fun and challenging. Whenever I got stuck, there was a clue to help me along, but nothing that made the quest too easy. I’m pleased to report I did, in fact, “Escape the Room” and made it through the final stage to claim my prize.”


Comedian Brent Pella

We kicked off this week’s Spring Fling Festivities with a Zoom performance from comedian Brent Pella. Pella is known for his appearances on MTV, Funny or Die, and the Joe Rogan podcast.

Pella’s performance was a frenetic mix of stand-up and characters inspired from his life. He’s headlined comedy clubs and college campuses across the country and hosts a weekly podcast called the Brent Pella Show. Thank you to Brent and the Office of Student Life for entertaining our students.


Netflix Watch Party: The Little Vampire

On Thursday afternoon, students gathered together on Discord to participate in a Netflix watch party through Discord. Students and their moderators in BCSGA watched “The Little Vampire” together and held a virtual live chat while the movie played.

“The Little Vampire” is about a preteen and his vampire friend’s family teaming up to defeat a vampire hunter. While the movie played, students discussed how the coronavirus has affected their lives and shared memes from the hit Netflix series, “Tiger King”.

The event was a huge success. Although we could not see our students’ smiles, we could feel their joy on Discord. Thank you to Benny Balderrama for leading this event and helping out with Spring Fling. I can’t wait to see what you have in store next.

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