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Express Enrollment

Express Enrollment for Homeschoolers!

Attention Fellow Bakersfield Homeschoolers: Bakersfield College will be hosting our first ever One-Day Express Enrollment Event with a special homeschool/concurrent enrollment track.

Any high school-aged homeschool students who are ready to begin tackling college-level work can complete all of the steps needed to go from step 1 to fully registered in just ONE DAY. .

Concurrent enrollment is FREE (not including books/materials), and allows students to complete classes for high school and college credit simultaneously, while getting a taste of what college classes are like.

Interested students should bring their parents (this is required for concurrent enrollment paperwork), and plan on spending most of the day at BC. If you have any sort of transcript or record of the work you have completed, it wouldn't hurt to bring that with you so counselors can help you choose the best classes.

The homeschool track also includes a special parent session, to help you find answers to your questions and provide you with some ways you can support your student as they begin college classes.

NOTE:If you would like to join us for this Homeschool Concurrent Enrollment Event, please fill out the BC Registration Rocks participation form.

*If you just graduated from your Homeschool, and want to register as a regular BC student, you are welcome to attend this event as well (Parents not required).

Date & Time: 
Tue, 06/19/2018 - 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
Welcome Center