Bakersfield College

EOPS Online Counseling

How to Schedule an Online Counseling Appointment:

When scheduling a video appointment, you must be prepared to collaborate in real-time with your counselor. The counselor will be using share screen, whiteboard, and document sharing applications within the video meeting space. Please join the video meeting on a COMPUTER; all laptops and desktop computers with a Chrome or Firefox web browser will work for virtual counseling sessions. Your device must have both microphone and camera capabilities. You may use a cell phone if you do not have these options but if technical issues arise, please be prepared to continue your counseling appointment via telephone.

Male and female with computers and headsets.

To schedule an online counseling session, call our office below:

Office Contact
EOPS/CARE: (661) 395-4351
AB540: (661) 395-4351
FKCE: (661) 395-4991
CalSOAP: (661) 395-4954

Be Prepared for your Appointment:

Your privacy is important to us! Please find a private location where you will be able to communicate with the counselor comfortably. The counselor may share confidential information that needs to remain private, the use of a headset is strongly recommended.

When it's time to join the meeting:

  1. Log into the EOPS Virtual Lobby 5 minutes before your appointment.
  2. Once logged in a staff will place you in the Counselor waiting room.
  3. After your meeting with your counselor, schedule your next appointment.

Online Counseling Requirements:

  • Use of a laptop or desktop is preferred.
  • Use Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser
  • Have a microphone and a webcam activated (headset with microphone highly recommended)
  • Test your webcam and audio prior to meeting.


Student Verification Protocol for Online Counseling

Note: All online counseling session must be FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and HIPPA compliant. In order to maintain compliance with FERPA and HIPPA regulations, all online college counseling programs must create an authentication and student verification protocol.


Student Verification Protocol:

Students will be asked two verification questions and also be asked to provide a picture ID.

  1. What is your full name?
  2. What is your Bakersfield College ID number?
  3. Please display your picture id to the camera.

We will also briefly remind them that sensitive and personal information may be shared in this meeting, so it is essential that they are in a private place.