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David Moton (Chair) (661) 395-4237 H 57
Maria Diaz (Dept. Asst. III) (661) 395-4009 H 57
Jacen Alexander (661) 395-4252  
Savanna Andrasian (661) 395-4026 H 17
Blake Bastain (661) 395-4252  
Justin Bell (661) 395-4252  
Starla Bench (661) 395-4252  
David Besst (661) 395-4217 H 34
Sheena Bhogal (661) 395-4399 H 40
Andrew Bond (661) 395-4070
(661) 321-9024 H 36
DST 1114
Pamela Boyles (661) 395-4458 H 33
April Cable (661) 395-4252  
Denise Canning (661) 395-4252  
Jeremy Casabella (661) 395-4252  
Kevin Chidgey (661) 395-4252  
Sara Cipriano (661) 395-4252  
John Davies (661) 395-4252  
Chris Dison (661) 395-4361 Delano
Chris Doyen (661) 395-2059 DST 1111
Gloria Dumler (661) 395-4542 H 44
Michael Dupree (661) 395-4252  
Jeffrey Eagan (661) 395-4252  
Brenda Freaney (661) 395-4275 H 49
Kathy Freeman (661) 395-4458 H 35
Daniel Gomes (661) 395-4917 H 102
Gary Graupman (661) 395-4252    
Tracie Grimes (661) 395-4252  
Gail Gude (661) 395-4252    
Eric Hall (661) 395-4252  
Yvette Heasley (661) 395-4252  
Cindy Hubble (661) 395-4638 H 50
Anthony Huffaker (661) 395-4252  
Kaitlin Hulsy (661) 395-4252  
Jennifer Jett (661) 395-4524 H 37
Shane Jett (661) 395-4208 FA 53
Rae Ann Kumelos (661) 395-4457 H 36
Andrew Lamers (661) 395-4399 H 40
Heather Lamers (661) 395-4252 H 102
Tamara Lynde (661) 395-4361 H 102
Meghan Maffei (661) 395-4252  
Richard Marquez (661) 395-4217 H 34
Terry Meier (661) 395-4361 H 102
Lynette Mello (661) 395-4252  
Kristen Mercer (661) 395-4803 H 49
Denise Mitchell (661) 395-4541 H 48
William Mitchell (661) 395-4252  
Rebecca Monks (661) 395-4916 H 52
Rebecca Mooney (661) 395-4455 H 41
Phillip Newman (661) 395-4252  
Mark Olsen (661) 395-4252  
Paula Parks (661) 395-4767 H 43
Julie Paulson (661) 395-4361 H 102
Laura Peet (661) 395-4459 H 33
Donna Plater (661) 395-4252  
Cynthia Powell (661) 395-4782 H 42
Scott Raymoure (661) 395-4252  
Tyler Richmond (661) 395-4252  
Tanna Rozar (661) 395-4252  
Naomi Rutuku (661) 395-4918 H 102
Joanie Sahagun (661) 395-4252  
Isaac Sanchez (661) 395-4598 H 17
Alicia Skipper (661) 395-4873 H 17
Janeen Smith (661) 395-4252  
Zach Smith (661) 395-4252  
Jason Spitzer (661) 395-4252  
Neil Stanifer (661) 395-4264 FA 62
Catherine Starling (661) 395-4252  
Dawn Kelly-Swift (661) 395-4252  
Rachel Tatro Duarte (661) 395-4252  
Ann Tatum (661) 395-4362 H 32
Christina Touchstone (661) 395-4252  
Sara Wallace (661) 395-4252  
Cara Warwick (661) 395-4252  
Jacob Whitaker (661) 395-4252  
Julie Willis (661) 395-4361  
Veronica Wilson (661) 395-4361 H 102
Keri Wolf (661) 395-4528 FA 52
Jana Wong (661) 395-4252  
Tiffany Wong (661) 395-4252  
Peggy Yarber (661) 395-4252  

About our Faculty


Daniel Gomes

Daniel Gomes joined the English faculty at Bakersfield College in 2017. Upon graduating with a BA from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, he received an MA from the University at Nebraska-Lincoln and a PhD in English from the University at Buffalo. His research interests include Irish and British literature, modernism, and postcolonial studies, and he has published articles in Texas Studies in Literature and Language and Éire-Ireland, with another forthcoming in Modernism/modernity. Prior to coming to Bakersfield, he taught across a range of institutions: rural state universities, private liberal arts colleges, and urban community colleges. His composition and literature courses address various topics, including science writing, popular culture, propaganda, new and old media, and inequality. Regardless of the class or theme, he is motivated to share his passion for writing and research and to help his students achieve their academic and vocational goals.

Justin Bell

More than a decade before receiving a Master of Arts in English from California State University-Bakersfield, Justin attended the University of Southern California, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in English-creative writing and international relations after completing two years at Bakersfield College. Although he excelled in the private sector, Justin decided that working thirteen years in management and business development wasn't truly where his heart was, so he eagerly turned to teaching.

Justin honed his teaching skills while spending two years helping Bakersfield College students in the school's writing center. He is currently an adjunct lecturer at BC, where he has taught Introduction to Composition, Expository Composition, and Introduction to Types of Literature since 2014.

A cinephile and geek at heart, Justin spends his spare time collecting comics and memorabilia, watching movies, writing poetry, playing video games, religiously following USC football, and, begrudgingly, running half-marathons to stay in shape. When he's not busy helping students, he and his wife may be found racing around Disneyland with their two young sons. He staunchly believes you can learn everything you need to know in life from Star Wars.

Justin's students often comment on his dry sense of humor, ability to understand the life and pressures of the community college student, and drive to push each student to work to his or her full potential. Many students enjoy the material he chooses and his ability to relate the readings to their real life experiences. According to one student, "Mr. Bell is a great professor," but you shouldn't take his "class if you're lazy"; however, "if you want to learn and be ready for [higher level classes, his] is the class" to take. Justin officially endorses this statement.


Andrew Bond

Andrew grew up all over the U.S., but spent most of his youth in Miami, Florida and Destrehan, a small suburb outside of New Orleans. After a three-year stint in New York City after high school, he returned to New Orleans to start college as a double major in music and English. Hurricane Katrina interrupted his studies in 2005, and he moved to Seattle before settling in southern California. It was during this time that he spent a year in South Korea for language study, and he eventually finished his BA in English at CSU Northridge in 2009. During the next six years, he lived in Riverside, California, where he earned his Master's in English literature from the University of California in 2011. His research there focused on minority discourse, Asian American literature, African American literature, and postcolonial studies.

Andrew has taught college-level courses since 2010. He started as a composition instructor at UCR where he also worked for the school's Writing Across the Curriculum program and taught writing skills in classes outside of the English department. He also worked for two years as a Korean language instructor at UCR. His most rewarding work, though, has been working as an English instructor at the community college level. He started working as a part-time instructor at Moreno Valley College before starting his career at Bakersfield College.

Andrew is currently co-directing programming for a $100,000 National Endowment for the Humanities grant with Professors Oliver Rosales (History) and Joshua Ottum (Music).


John Davies

John Davies is an active member of the English department at Bakersfield College, and an employee of the Kern Community College District since 2003, when he developed and taught a class/seminar on LGBTQ foster youth for the FACE program. In fact, his association with the district goes back even further than that. As a sophomore at B.C. in 1996, Davies worked as a peer tutor for several classes in the humanities. The education bug caught him then, and held on through a bachelor's program in English at Cal State University Fullerton and a master's at Cal State University Bakersfield. Before accepting a job as an English instructor in 2011, Davies briefly managed a tutoring company (Kern Oxford Tutoring) and edited a popular collection of readings on literacy called Bungee Jumping Into Reading by Sue Coates. Davies has also hosted a number of local poetry readings since the late nineties, and his poem "Sonnet to a Lost Lover" was published in Levan Humanities Review in 2014. As an English instructor, Davies has described his calling as "awakening students to the habit of thinking critically." The world outside of the classroom offers a vast menu of answers, but the mission of education is not to choose between them. A good education teaches students to ask questions, ask the right questions, and to appreciate the nuances of an examined life. Ironically answers come much more easily when "citizens of the world" adopt this attitude. Davies also subscribes to the motto that teachers learn just as much from their students as they do from him. He hopes to take part in this exchange for a long, long time.


Chris Dison

Chris Dison is an Associate Professor of English and is in his 5th year of teaching English for Bakersfield College.

After attending many community colleges throughout southern California (while gaining some maturity and life experience), he settled in Bakersfield and enrolled at CSUB. Chris earned baccalaureate degrees in English and Religious Studies, and he earned a Master's Degree in English with a focus on teaching rhetoric and composition. Currently teaching on the Bakersfield College Delano campus, Chris has taught on the BC Panorama campus, other satellite campuses in Bakersfield, and at CSUB. His classes currently focus on issues of technology and privacy in the modern world, but Chris enjoys learning about a wide variety of topics and considers his indefatigable curiosity one of his best traits.

A lifetime reader and writer, he still enjoys creating poetry and fiction in his spare time and is an active member of the Writers of Kern. Chris enjoys music and film of every genre, travelling, binge-watching shows on Netflix, cooking, hiking, gardening, disc golf, and long walks on the beach at sunset.


Chris Doyen

Chris Doyen grew up in Southern California and attended California State University Long Beach, where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Comparative Literature with a minor in Creative Writing. He then obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Critical Studies Writing Program at California Institute of the Arts in Santa Clarita, California. After graduating, he taught as an adjunct instructor for three years at College of the Canyons.

He then taught full-time at Cerro Coso College's South Kern Site located on Edward's Air Force Base. Teaching on an Air Force base was an exciting experience, with pilots and their family members in class, and jets flying overhead between class periods! 

In 2006, Chris began his position at Bakersfield College's Delano Center, where he has been ever since.  As a permanent full-time faculty member on the Delano campus, Chris has been an advocate for BC Delano campus students and is deeply invested in their success.  Even though he regularly teaches composition courses such as English 50 and English 1A, he has also taught English 41 (Creative Writing) and English 28 (Classical Mythology) at the Delano Campus, as well as regularly offering English 1B (Introduction to Literature).

Chris recently put the finishing touches on his own first novel and hopes to begin writing his next book soon.  He lives with his lovely wife and beautiful daughters in Bakersfield, CA.

Gloria Dumler

Gloria Dumler is proud of her long-time association with Bakersfield College, first as a student and second as a faculty member. While a student at Bakersfield College, she was a member of the two groups that started BC's first feminist and LGBTQ clubs, respectively. She transferred to California State College, Bakersfield, where she was a double major in English and Psychology and earned her BA. She also earned her MA in English at CSUB, concentrating on both Literature and Composition. She began teaching at BC as part of the adjunct faculty in 1992, and she has been a full-time member of the English Department since 1993. She is the co-author, with David Moton, of the textbook Navigating America: Information Competency in the Twenty-first Century. She is on the executive council of the KCCD CCA (the faculty union) and on the board of the Kern County chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

She is married to Al Naso, an artist and retired Bakersfield College faculty member who taught art history, drawing, and other art classes after he moved to Bakersfield from New York. Gloria taught Survey of British Literature for several years, and now primarily teaches Expository Composition and Introduction to Literature.

Kathy Freeman

Kathy Freeman began teaching at Bakersfield College in 1990 following an illustrious career in newspaper journalism during a time when newspapers actually were read, and facts actually were checked, prior to publication. She taught journalism for 13 years to college students who could not wait to learn how to use public records to check out their instructors.

After she earned a master's degree in English, she escaped to the BC English Department. A huge fan of Wikipedia, she insists that her students double-check anything they see or read on the Internet before assuming it is true. She also encourages them to avoid clichés like the plague.

A glass half-full type of person, Ms. Freeman enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset and going to church, where she prays for passing essays.


Graciela Griebling

Graci Griebling is an adjunct/part time English instructor at Bakersfield College. She has taught evening introductory composition classes at BC for the past 20 years. Graci graduated from California State University, Bakersfield, with Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in English.


Kaitlin Hulsy

Kaitlin Hulsy is part of the Adjunct Faculty at Bakersfield College. Her specialty is getting students excited about writing and graphic novels. Kaitlin is a Bakersfield College alumnus. She received her M.F.A. in Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts from the University of California, Riverside. She also holds an ELL-embedded credential in English from the University of LaVerne. She loves learning and yoga.


Rebecca Monks

Rebecca Monks, Professor of English, earned her Master's degree in English at California State University, Bakersfield in 2000. Her focus is Rhetoric and Composition. Monks taught at a private high school for two years while working on her Master's degree and then taught freshman composition, Technical Writing, and Writing for Teachers at CSUB for two years. A former Bakersfield College student, Monks returned to her alma mater as an English professor in 2002 and has been here ever since, teaching primarily composition courses: English 60, 50, 53, 1A, and 510. While her courses focus on equipping students with the writing skills necessary for their academic and professional success, Monks explores the history, culture, and politics of the literature she shares with her students. She finds her profession stimulating and fulfilling and hopes to be able to continue to share her passion for reading and writing with BC students for many years to come.


David Moton

David Moton has been teaching at Bakersfield College since 1998. Originally born in Detroit and hailing from Battle Creek, Mi., he moved to Bakersfield to pursue the study of English at CSU, Bakersfield. Professor Moton primarily teaches English 1A and English 2, and his composition expertise is in teaching the research paper.

Professor Moton has been awarded research grants from the National Endowment of the Humanities, The Library of Congress, The Norman Levan Center, The University of California system, and the CCHA. His academic writing focuses on using science fiction as a lens to interpret trends in the modern world, and his formal research includes a study of Artificial Intelligence, theoretical quantum physics in literature, modern corporate power, the technological Singularity, urban development, popular culture, and most recently, anthropogenic climate change.

He is co-author of the McGraw Hill text Navigating America and more recently the author of the a trilogy of near-future science fiction novels set in New Mexico called the 6th Paradigm Series (starting with the first book called Chama, NM and the second called Caretaker).

Professor Moton is an active writer and researcher, considering those two things to be critical in his own life. He writes on a daily basis and values its power to expand the mind, enhance critical thinking, and become a better citizen of the world. He brings this passion for writing to the classroom here at the Bakersfield College English Department and does his best to bestow it to his students.


Paula Parks

Dr. Paula Parks is an English professor and coordinator of the African-American Success Through Excellence and Persistence (ASTEP) program. ASTEP is a member of the Umoja Community ( In fall 2015, the program's first semester, the students' success rate was an impressive 86%.

The year-long program integrates African-American culture, coursework, academic support, and love. Students study works by Black authors while completing their required English composition courses. The students are paired with a mentor, plan their path to graduation with the ASTEP counselor, and participate in academic and cultural events. For more information, see, To apply, see

Dr. Parks has taught composition full-time at Bakersfield College for 16 years. A long-time champion of student success, she was instrumental in developing English 53, the course which helps students to complete their developmental English sequence more successfully and quickly. Her Ph.D. dissertation was on accelerating students' progress in composition at a diverse community college.

Dr. Parks was a journalist before finding out that teaching is more fun and that touching lives is more rewarding! She believes that education changes lives and create opportunities. Her classroom is interactive, engaging, and fun.

She and her husband, a physician, are the very proud parents of three kind, intelligent, accomplished grown children. She is mostly vegan and has two sweet cats.


Laura Peet

A Bakersfield native, Laura Peet got her BA in English literature (2005) and her MA in literature with an emphasis in composition (2008) from California State University Bakersfield. During her studies, Laura worked as a tutor at the on-campus writing center, which sparked her love of working with students and prompted her to go into teaching. Before being hired full time at Bakersfield College in 2011, Laura taught part time at CSUB, Taft College, and Bakersfield College. In addition to her teaching duties, she serves as department representative on Academic Senate, is a member of the KCCD Leadership Academy, and is former president of the local chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English Honor Society. Her favorite novels include Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, and Dracula. When she is not teaching, Laura enjoys cooking and spending time with her husband and two young children.


Naomi Rutuku

Naomi Rutuku joined the Bakersfield College faculty in 2017. She received her BA in English Literature (2008) and MA in English Rhetoric and Composition (2013) from California State University, Northridge. Upon graduation, Naomi received a U.S. Fulbright English Teaching Assistant grant to Rwanda, East Africa for an academic year. There, she helped develop an English language curriculum program at the Rwamagana School of Nursing and Midwifery and taught a variety of English language and writing courses both in Rwamagana and at the American embassy in the capital city of Kigali. During this time, she traveled to various countries in Africa and became very interested in the intersection of different cultures and traditions. These experiences directly affected the topics she teaches in her BC courses, which range from issues of race and identity and writings by multi-ethnic authors to the analysis of the American education system.


Tanna Rozar

Tanna Rozar Scott is an Adjunct English Professor at Bakersfield College and Taft College, and she has been teaching at the collegiate level for six years. Tanna received a bachelor's degree in English Education, with an emphasis in literature, from Long Beach State University and a master's degree in English Composition from San Francisco State University, along with a certificate in Post-Secondary Reading. Before moving back to central California, she taught first and second-year composition at SFSU. While living in the Bay Area, Tanna conducted a research study entitled "Student Negotiation of Discourse Differences", which examined second-language acquisition and cultural-identity conflicts among college students. She presented her research at the National Conference on College Composition and Communication in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011, and her study was published shortly after. Tanna also wrote an article about her research for The Ladder, A Magazine for and about Future Teachers. Tanna's current research interests focus on how literature, as opposed to nonfiction texts, must be incorporated into composition courses to foster and develop critical-thinking and analytical writing skills. In short, Tanna is very passionate about reading and writing. She loves working with all types of students and texts, and her goal is to create a fun and productive learning environment in which everyone can succeed. When Tanna is not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, writing short fiction, and traveling the world.


Janeen Smith

Janeen Carter Smith has had a 40 year career in Education, teaching every grade, Kindergarten through graduate level coursework. She has been an active BC adjunct faculty member since 1992, although she taught community college classes sporadically since the 1980's. She received her AA from BC, then was a member of the first CSUB graduating class in 1971, earned her post graduate degrees from Cal Lutheran University in 1986 and then later from CSUB in 2001. Ms. Smith holds lifetime Secondary teaching credentials in English, Art, Art History and Multi-Subject credentials K-12. She was selected as a California Mentor Teacher 17 times from 1977 - 2005. She holds certificates in ESL, Curriculum Design, and Reading Instruction. She was a Beginning Teacher Support Advisor for the Richland School District for 6 years, teaching new teachers the art of teaching. Ms. Smith was also selected as Teacher of the Year from her district in 1986 and then again in 2004. She was a California Department of Education Teacher Exchangee to Denmark/Germany from 1990 -92. In addition to her passion for teaching, she is also a professional painter, member of the Bakersfield Museum of Art, and Bakersfield Art Association with numerous gallery shows to her credit.


Zachary Smith

Zachary Smith has been teaching for ten years. He is an alumni of B.C. and C.S.U.B. In his off time he enjoys traveling, concerts, and writing.


Cara Warwick

I am a fourth generation Bakersfield native and a fourth generation teacher. I get really excited about teaching writing! Actually I get really excited about a lot of things! I studied literature and theater history at CSUB and finished my BA in English at CSU Sacramento. After my first son was born, I went back to school to earn a graduate degree in English at CSUB. I had a second son about halfway through, and shortly after earning my MA and certificate in writing, I had a third son. I stayed home with the boys until the youngest started school, and I was lucky enough to start working as an adjunct instructor at BC the very same week he went to kindergarten. I'm so glad to be here; it's a joy and a privilege for me to teach and get to know my students.


Keri Wolf

Keri Wolf (Ph.D., UC Davis) joined the Bakersfield College faculty in 2011 and teaches a range of classes including Reading, Reasoning, and Writing; Expository Composition; and Survey of English Literature. Her research interests concern the intersections of place, space, and identity in Old English literature, and she is the co-editor of the Roughneck Review, Bakersfield College's online journal of student work.


Jason Spitzer

Jason Spitzer has been instructing as an adjunct English professor at Bakersfield College since Fall 2017. Mr. Spitzer is currently the English department chair at Desert Junior-Senior High School at Edwards Air Force Base, California, where he teaches honors and AP English. Mr. Spitzer earned his B.A. in English with a minor in philosophy from the University of California, Riverside in 2009 and M.A. in English from Arizona State University in 2017. His areas of interest in English include rhetoric and literacy in the digital age.


Julie Willis

Julie Willis earned her BA in English from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She then taught reading and language arts at Ollivier Middle School for five years while completing her MA at CSUB. She has been an adjunct professor at Bakersfield College since 2005. She is currently also homeschooling her two children.


Jana Wong

Professor Jana Wong earned her Master's degree in English from California State University Bakersfield where she was a Sigma Tau Delta scholar and recipient of a Sigma Tau Delta scholarship and winner of The Betty Creative Writing Award. She earned an additional Master's degree in Educational Management at the University of Laverne where she specialized in Rigorous Curriculum Design. Her research earned her grants through the California Association for the Gifted and the Collaborative Initiative at CSUB. In addition to her research interests in education, contemporary literature, and sociology, she is a published author of children's literature and poetry, and she is an advocate for students. She currently teaches English at Bakersfield College.

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