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Degrees & Certificates

Degrees and Certificates

The Bakersfield College English Department offers the following degree:

English Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer

English Majors

Majoring in English can prepare you for the professions, government service, and politics. Career opportunities in English include teaching, journalism, publishing, advertising, and copywriting.

Students seeking an Associate Degree must take a writing course, either English 50 or 1A, and may take a literature class in fulfillment of the humanities requirement.

Students seeking a Baccalaureate Degree should take English 1A and may take English 1B and other literature courses in fulfillment of specific General Education requirements.

Students planning to major in English should take English 1A and 1B and at least one of the following: English 5A and 5B, or English 20A and 20B, English 21, or English 30A and 30B.

Students planning to transfer to the University of California should consider English 2. For specific information, students should consult the catalog of the school to which they intend to transfer.

Students planning to transfer to CSUB should check out its English Department Home Page.