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ZipGrade Turn Your Phone Into a Scantron

ZipGrade is an app (IOS and Android) that lets you scan multiple choice answer sheets using your phone or tablet. Advantages of using it include: instant feedback for students, students do not need to purchase scantrons, free version available for faculty, quiz results can be exported as a pdf or csv, access to detailed question analysis even when using more than one test or quiz version, easy regrades, weighting capabilities by question and by answer choice, multiple answers allowed and, best of all, no more cluttering your office keeping Scantron answer sheets. In this session we will go over how to create a ZipGrade account and the membership options, creating and populating a class, creating quizzes and answer keys, question analysis, troubleshooting, and some user tips. Finally, a brief example on using ZipGrade for SLO assessment will be presented and attendees will be given time to set-up Zipgrade for the upcoming term.we taught certain subjects.  This workshop will take all of the skills we learned, including our pedagogical adjustments, and will provide a discussion of how our online teaching experience will and/or has influenced our return to in-person teaching.
Workshops are for KCCD faculty and staff only. Accommodations are available upon request. Please contact Pamela Rivers- for more information.

Date & Time: 
01/10/2022 9:30 am
Zoom link to be emailed
Ximena Da Silva Tavares

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