Bakersfield College

What I learned from Student Learning Outcomes

In this workshop, a panel of current and former Assessment Committee members will showcase how they have promoted learning in their classrooms through Student Learning Outcome (SLO) assessment. You will learn how each faculty member has utilized SLO assessment to better both their teaching and their students’ takeaways from their courses, with a goal to inspire you on assessing your own courses’ SLOs. 
Workshops are for KCCD faculty and staff only. Accommodations are available upon request. Please contact Pamela Rivers- for more information.

Date & Time: 
01/10/2022 3:15 pm
Zoom link to be emailed
Faith Bradham, Teresa McAllister, Catherine Jones, Pam Davis, Ximena Da Silva Tavares, Milina Liles, Marayam Jalalifarahan, Dana Heins-Gelder, Steve Waller

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