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Effects of Childhood Trauma on Social and Academic Functioning

Early experiences, to a large degree set the stage for later functioning in all areas of our students lives. Our brains, most formative from birth to about age 7-10 are registering all of our experiences, "conditioning" us to view ourselves and reality in specific and unique ways (often inaccurately and/or overly limited) which can impair our ability to be successful. Irrational fears, negative beliefs about ourselves and the world, unnecessary guardedness in interpersonal relationships, self-sabotage, procrastination, unconsciously repeating negative patterns, are some of the common ways humans are affected by early trauma. In this presentation I will describe the process by which this happens, how to deal with it in "difficult" students, and ways of helping students overcome self-sabotaging behaviors.

** This workshop is for Bakersfield College and Kern Community College Faculty and Staff only.


Accommodations are available with advanced notice. Please contact Pamela Rivers at to request.

Date & Time: 
08/19/2019 8:00 am
Dave Seymour LMFT

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