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Bakersfield College

Long-Description for Faculty Diversification Fellowship Charts

Fall 2018 Faculty Demographics by Race Long Description

This bar chart shows the race demographic by race of faculty by percentage for Fall 2018. It includes the percentage of tenured to temporary faculty.

Race Total Percent of Faculty (Tenured & Temporary) Percent Tenured
African-American 5.51% 2.38%
Asian 4.17% 2.24%
Hispanic 119.97% 8.49%
Pacific Islander 0.89% 0.60%
Unknown 5.07% 1.79%
White Non-Hispanic 64.38% 32.34%
Total 100.00% 47.84%

Fall 2018 Faculty-Student Comparison

This bar chart shows the percent of students by race compared to the percent of faculty in the same race.

Race Faculty Tenured & Temporary Students Faculty/Student
African-American 5.51% 4.39% 1.26
Asian 4.17% 2.11% 1.98
Hispanic 19.97% 69.63% 0.29
White Non-Hispanic 64.38% 17.18% 3.75

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