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Step 4: Develop an Education Plan

Plan Your First Semesters at BC!

College is an exciting and challenging time for new students. The New Student Workshop (NSW) and Abbreviated Student Education Plan (ASEP) are designed to help you understand your degree or major pathway to ensure proper preparation to register for classes.


This workshop is designed to help new students understand Placement Test results and how those results relate to course placement. The ASEP is a framework of your first 1-3 semesters at Bakersfield College that you will use to register yourself into classes.

Who Is Required To Take The NSW And Complete An ASEP?

All new students must complete the NSW & develop an ASEP. Please note: high school seniors are required to attend the in-person NSW provided at their high school.

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(After taking the online NSW, you will need to meet with a counselor or educational advisor to complete your ASEP.)

What to Bring To Your Meeting With an Advisor or Counselor

  • If you are a high school student or recent high school graduate, please bring a copy of your high school transcripts.
  • If you have attended another university or college, please bring an unofficial copy of your transcripts.
  • Plan to take notes and bring your questions!
  • Please note: Parking permits are required on campus.

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Learning and Career Pathways

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