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Step 4: Develop an Education Plan

Plan Your Education at BC!

College is an exciting and challenging time for new students. Stay on the right path and take only the courses you need to prepare you for your education goal. The Student Education Plan is designed to help you understand your degree, certifcate, or major pathway, the requirements for your education goal, and prepare you to register for the right classes.

Meet with a Counselor

Meet with a counselor or educational advisor to finalize your Student Education Plan. Counselor's and educational advisors are professionals and understand the requirements to meet your education goals. Meet with one to set yourself up for success! As you proceed through your education, meet with a counselor each semester to update your Student Education Plan. We recommend making an appointment at least two weeks ahead by calling (661) 395-4421. For more information about appointments, see Counseling and Advising

What to Bring To Your Meeting With an Advisor or Counselor

  • High school student or recent high school graduate, bring a copy of your high school transcripts.
  • If you have attended another university or college, bring an unofficial copy of your transcripts.
  • Plan to take notes and bring your questions!
  • Note: Parking permits are required on campus.

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