Welcome Renegades! The majority of our classes are online for Spring 2021. A few essential courses are face-to-face with safety protocols. All services have moved online and physical campuses are closed.
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How to Enroll

Early College refers to the opportunity for students to earn college credit while they are in high school. There are three forms of Early College opportunities offered through Bakersfield College:

  • Dual Enrollment: Dual Enrollment courses are college courses offered in partnership with a high school district on a high school campus. The students in these courses are mostly all high school students. These courses are taught by high school instructors who meet the state's qualifications for teaching the course, or by a college instructor. Dual Enrollment students are enrolled through their high school district. Please visit "Dual Enrollment" below for the steps for enrolling in Dual Enrollment courses.
  • Concurrent Enrollment:  Concurrent Enrollment courses are college courses that students take through Bakersfield College, either on a college campus or online. Students will register themselves in college courses consisting of mostly college students. All Concurrent Enrollment courses are taught by a college instructor. Concurrent Enrollment students must submit items to Bakersfield College to be cleared to register in these courses. Please visit "Concurrent Enrollment" below for the steps for enrolling in Concurrent Enrollment courses.
  • Articulated Courses: Career and Technical Education courses taught at the high school where the curriculum has been reviewed and approval by the Bakersfield College faculty.

*PLEASE READ: If you are taking both Dual Enrollment and Concurrent Enrollment, you must follow both enrollment processes. Forms for Dual Enrollment are often submitted to your high school or district, while your Concurrent Enrollment forms must be submitted to earlycollege@bakersfieldcollege.edu

For Concurrent Enrollment, we will only accept one form per student each term. If you submit a form for Concurrent Enrollment after we already have one on file for you, we will consider that form as a replacement to the previous form and update the courses you have requested to match the newest form. Your Concurrent Enrollment form must contain ALL Concurrent Enrollment courses that you enroll in, or you will be dropped from all courses without notice.

Your total units for both Dual Enrollment and Concurrent Enrollment courses may not exceed the per term limit of 11.99 in Fall or Spring and 7.99 in Summer. 


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If you are graduating from high school this year, please visit our Outreach page for instructions on updating your account properly and registering as a student at Bakersfield College after high school.