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Early College Graduates

Early College

What is Early College?

Early College packages college course opportunities for high school students into pathways that begin in the 9th grade, allowing cohorts of students the opportunity to earn associate degrees and/or certificates by the time they walk across the stage at their high school graduation. Students who do not complete associate degrees or certificates will have the opportunity to earn credits towards degrees or certificates and will be on pathway to complete them after high school.

Retired State Senator and Bakersfield City School District Superintendent Dr. Jean Fuller has partnered with BC to lead this initiative. A longtime advocate of education, Fuller, who grew up in rural Kern County and has been at the forefront of state issues, knows firsthand how the Early College program can serve as a game changer for Kern County. For more on Jean Fuller's engagement with Early College, visit Jean Fuller's Press Releases.

BC's Early College Vision:

  • Every educational pathway is clear and defined from K-12 to community college and into four-year institutions
  • Every high school student has an opportunity to earn at least 9 college credits by the end of graduation
  • Every high school student understands what it takes to earn a certificate, associate degree, or complete their chosen college pathway

Types of Early College Opportunities

Early College refers to the opportunity for students to earn college credit while they are in high school. There are three forms of Early College opportunities offered through Bakersfield College:

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment courses are taught during the regular high school day at the high school and usually, though not always, by the high school instructor.

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment courses are Bakersfield College courses taken outside of the regular high school day, either on the high school campus or at one of the Bakersfield College campuses.

Articulated Courses

Articulated Courses are Career and Technical Education courses taught at the high school where the curriculum has been reviewed and approval by the Bakersfield College faculty.

How do I Participate in Early College?

Find your high school below for courses and pathways available at your school site.

Opportunities by High School

As Bakersfield College connects the Dual and Concurrent Enrollment courses occurring on high school campuses to college pathways, levels of implementation have been created to help students and school sites understand their current level of access to Early College opportunities. Courses and pathways will be updated as high school and college teams work together to plan future opportunities.



The high school students currently do not have access to dual or concurrent enrollment courses on the high school campus, but opportunities are available at nearby high school and college campus locations. Search nearby schools in levels 1-3 to see what they're offering.

Level 2


The high school students can complete a college degree or certificate on-site through a combination of dual enrollment and concurrent enrollment courses offered on the high school campus.

Schools in level 2:

Level 3


All incoming ninth grade students are on a pathway to earn between 9 and 60 units towards completing a college degree and/or certificate through a combination of dual enrollment and concurrent enrollment courses offered on the high school campus.

Schools in level 3:
Kern Community College District