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Dual Enrollment

Welcome to Bakersfield College's Dual Enrollment Program. The Dual Enrollment Program helps high school students to get a jump start on college by earning college and high school credit at the same time. Students can take Dual Enrollment courses in a variety of disciplines and fields including general education and career pathway courses that align with local industry needs. In addition to saving time and money, dual enrollment courses help prepare students for the rigors of college level studies.

What is Dual Enrollment?

Through our partnerships with local high school districts, including Kern High School District, Delano Joint Union School District, McFarland Unified School District and Wasco Union School District, Bakersfield College offers courses at the high school that allow qualified students to earn college and high school credit while meeting high school graduation requirements.  Dual enrollment courses are offered during the regular high school day and are primarily taught by high school instructors who meet the minimum qualifications to teach at the community college.

Culturally Responsive Teaching Methods in the San Joaquin Valley

  • Friday, March 1, 2019: 8:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
  • Delano Campus Room 118
  • RSVP by February 25
  • Limited to 25 participants - Breakfast and lunch provided

Bakersfield College Dual Enrollment, in partnership with CSU Bakersfield, will host a professional development opportunity for local educators at the BC Delano Campus. The half-day event will focus on implementing place-baed and cultural responsive pedagogies in the San Joaquin Valley classroom. Topics will include how to leverage student identity, geographical location, and local histories into an effective and standards-based teaching approach in history/social studies, English/language arts, student identity, and natural sciences classrooms to boost student achievement and well-being. Teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators from throughout the TK-16 pipeline are welcome to join us.

Accommodations are available with advanced notice. Please contact Anna Laven.

Student FAQs

In order to qualify, students must be in high school and have the support of his or her parents and principal. Students who are interested in enrolling in a Dual Enrollment course should contact their High School Counselor or Instructor for more information and a list of courses being offered at the high school.

In general, the steps to enrolling include:

  1. Dual Enrollment Form: Get a Dual Enrollment Application (PDF) from your high school, then have your principal and parents sign it.
  2. Online Admissions or Update: Complete the online Admissions application (first time applicants) or Update your Term of attendance. It is very important to accurately fill out all information on the admissions application, including social security number, address and residency status.
  3. Placement: Some courses have prerequisites, meaning that a certain skill level in reading, writing or math is needed to enroll in the course. Students with a freshman high school cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.6 or higher are eligible for enrollment.
  4. Enrollment: The high school and Bakersfield College staff work together to enroll students once the above steps have taken place. Students will receive a Bakersfield College ID number and email. Students are responsible for maintaining this information in order to receive important information, order transcripts, and attend Bakersfield College in the future.

Dual Enrollment course offerings continue to expand. Many high schools currently offer Dual Enrollment courses on their campuses. Dual enrollment courses range widely and are offered in both general education and career pathways areas.

If a specific course is not offered at your area high school, students are encouraged to consider Concurrent Enrollment. Concurrent Enrollment allows high school students to take a Bakersfield College course outside of the regular high school day.

Students who are part-time special admits enrolled in Dual Enrollment courses do not have to pay fees associated with the course. The fees are waived for these students.

Dual-enrolled classes are taught by college instructors and/or high school teachers who have met the minimum qualifications to teach at a California Community College. Instructors use college curriculum and textbooks, and deliver a college level course, which will require students to work at a higher level.

Dual Enrollment courses are taught during the regular high school day at the high school and usually, though not always, by the high school instructor.

Concurrent Enrollment courses are Bakersfield College courses taken outside of the regular high school day, and usually, though not always, taught at the college campus. For students interested in Concurrent Enrollment, go to High School Concurrent Enrollment.

Articulated courses are career and technical education courses taught at the high school where the curriculum has been reviewed and approval by the Bakersfield College faculty. While dual and concurrent enrollment courses appear just as any other course on the transcript, credit for articulated courses appears as credit by exam and only when students receive a C or higher in the course. For more information, go to our Articulation webpage.

The grade(s) you earn in your Bakersfield College course(s) will become a part of your official college academic record. For students attending local service-area high schools, Bakersfield College sends a final semester grade report to the Registrar of the high school you listed on your application for admission. It is the student's responsibility to make sure they received high school credit. Check with your Registrar to be sure your Bakersfield College grade(s) posted to your high school transcripts. Students may also view their course grades by logging into their Bakersfield College account.

Please note students must make satisfactory academic progress (minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and completion of 67% or courses attempted) to maintain eligibility for financial aid when they begin Bakersfield College as a full-time college student.

Dual Enrollment students are considered part-time special admits. This means they can take up to 11.99 units per term during the fall and spring semesters. Dual Enrollment students can take up to 7 units in the Summer term. We encourage students to work with their high school counselor to determine the load of coursework right for them.

Not passing courses can result in holds from not being in good academic standing and being placed on academic probation upon entering Bakersfield College. In addition, students must make satisfactory academic progress (minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and completion of 67% or courses attempted) to maintain eligibility for financial aid when they begin Bakersfield College as a full-time college student. Not passing courses can put financial aid in jeopardy as well.

It is recommended that students only enroll into a dual enrollment course if they believe they are academically prepared to be successful. Students can also consider dropping the course before the deadlines if they believe they may not do well in the course. It is the student's responsibility to officially drop or withdraw from a course in which they no longer wish to be enrolled.

Dual Enrollment Faculty

Please see the Dual Enrollment Faculty Handbook (PDF) and the Dual Enrollment Faculty Orientation video. They both contain a great deal of information that may be helpful to dual enrollment faculty. If faculty have specific questions, they should contact the dual enrollment administrator at their high school site.

To better understand the similarities and differences between Dual Enrollment, Concurrent Enrollment, and Articulated courses, please see Types of College Credit for High School Students (PDF).

High School Administrators

Currently, Bakersfield College has established dual enrollment courses under Non-CCAP agreements. For the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Course Agreements with each high school district, please see the Kern Community College District website.

For those with general questions about Dual Enrollment in California Community College, the Dual Enrollment Toolkit website is a resource for frequently asked questions, CCAP vs. Non-CCAP information and legal opinions.

Please feel free to contact those listed below to discuss creating an MOU for your school district or any other questions.

For more information, please contact:

Anna Laven, Ed.D
Dual Enrollment Program Manager

Kylie Swanson, M.S.
Dual Enrollment Program Manager

College Credit for High School Students Team

  • Director of Outreach and Dual Enrollment: Steve Watkin
  • Program Manager: Anna Laven, Ed.D.
  • Program Manager: Kylie Swanson, M.S.
  • Department Assistant III: Cecilia Gabaldon
  • Admissions and Records:
    • Jacqueline Lau (Program Manager)
    • Alma Feathers (Tech II – Delano)
    • Hilda Rodriguez (Tech II – KHSD)
  • Rural Initiatives: Abel Guzman (Interim Director), Raquel Lopez (Program Manager), Jesus Oropeza (Counselor)
  • Southwest Campus: Fernando Lara (Program Manager)
  • Homeschool/Online: Bill Moseley (Dean of Instruction)
  • Articulation: Career and Technical Education Team


If you have questions or would like more information, please fill out this form.


Helpful Links

Concurrent Enrollment

In accordance with California Education Code regulations, K-12 students may enroll as special part-time students on a seats-available basis. Enrollment must be recommended by the high school principal, with parental consent and approval by the college Director of Enrollment Services.

Units earned may be used for high school or college credit or for both. Students enrolled under this program are exempted from paying enrollment fee. Non-degree applicable courses such as ACDV, LRNC, ENGL B50, and MATH B60 may not be taken.

If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions & Records office at (661) 395-4301.

Concurrent Enrollment Steps

Step 1
Enrollment Form (Part 1): Get a Concurrent Enrollment Form from your high school, then have your principal and parents sign it.
Step 2
Admissions/Update Form: Please complete the online Admissions/Update form.
Step 3
Orientation: Students may complete orientation in two ways: online or in-person (schedule). For more information, see Orientation.
Step 4
Placement Testing: See the Placement Test Schedule for testing dates and times. You will need to bring the following items:
  • Two #2 pencils
  • Social Security number or Student ID number
  • Photo ID
Step 5
New Student Workshop: Students may complete the workshop in two ways: online or in-person. Call the counseling department at (661) 395-4421 to schedule a time. For more information, see New Student Workshop.
Step 6
Enrollment Form (Part 2): Bring your fully completed and signed Concurrent Enrollment Form to the Admissions Office. If all the matriculation steps have been completed, you will be cleared to register during open enrollment. Please note this form can be either faxed directly by the high school or the student can bring in the completed form with their photo ID to the Admissions and Records Office. Forms will not be accepted by parents without the student present and a student ID.