Bakersfield College

Top Five Best Practices for Faculty

1. Place your book orders early, according to the Bookstore’s deadlines.

DSPS provides books in alternate formats (e-text, audio-tape, large print, Braille) for eligible students. It can take up to ten weeks to secure or produce a textbook in an alternate format. Once students enroll in classes during the first day of registration, it is crucial for DSPS to be able to access the required book information from the Bookstore. Keep in mind that course readers (hardcopy or electronic) can be especially difficult to produce in alternate format if they have underlining, hand-written notes, highlighting, cut-off margins, or poor-quality copies.

2. Put a statement in your syllabus to initiate dialogue with students.

DSPS suggests the following statement:

Students with disabilities needing accommodation, including those who had an IEP or 504 Plan in high school, should make requests to Disabled Students Programs and Services in CSS 10 (661-395-4334), or Delano room 1001 (661-720-2000). All requests for accommodations require appropriate advance notice to avoid a delay in services. Please discuss approved accommodations with me so we can work together to ensure your access and success at BC.

3. Verify the student’s eligibility for disability-related accommodations.

When a student advises you that he or she will be using accommodations in your class, verify that the student is registered with DSPS and specifically approved for the requested accommodations. Ask to view the student’s Accommodations Checklist form. Respect the confidentiality of students with disabilities by discussing their accommodations in a private setting.

4. Assist students with notetaker recruitment when requested.

Some students who are eligible to receive a copy of a classmate’s notes (as specified in the Accommodations Checklist) may need the professor’s assistance in recruiting a suitable notetaker from the class. DSPS provides lined NCR paper so student and notetaker each get a copy. When requested, please assist with this process by recommending a competent student or by making the following announcement: “A student with a disability in this class is eligible to receive a copy of a classmate’s notes and DSPS provides the paper. If you are willing to provide this service, please see me after class.”

5. Complete Testing Accommodation forms promptly and submit exams to the Assessment Center 1-2 days in advance of the exam date.

Students who are eligible for testing accommodations will give you a Test Accommodation form for each exam that he or she will need accommodations. If the Assessment Center will be administering the exam, please complete all portions of Section B and sign the form. Keep a copy to serve as a reminder to send the exam to the Assessment Center, and return the form to the student as soon as possible. The student must submit the completed and signed test request form to the Assessment Center a minimum of three days before a quiz or midterm, and a minimum of one week prior to the beginning of finals week.

For exams converted into accessible formats:

You will be notified in advance if your exams will need to be converted into an accessible format (large print, Braille, e-text). These exams must be submitted to the Alternate Media Center two weeks in advance to allow us time to convert the exam. Submit exams to Katrina Marquez at or drop off/mail to DSPS in CSS 10.


If you have any questions, or for additional resource information, contact Disabled Students Programs and Services, at (661) 395-4334, or email