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For students whose disabilities prevent them from writing in-class notes or assignments, or performing in-class hands-on activities, DSPS can provide an in-class scribe.

Scribes are to write (by hand or computer) verbatim what the student with the disability dictates. Scribes should be familiar with the necessary formats, but they are not responsible for proof-reading papers. The student with the disability is expected to direct the scribe what to write and where to place the information, for example in a formula or works cited list. Scribes are not allowed to tutor, prompt or correct the student with the disability.

New and Returning Students

For the Spring 2022 semester, our scribe request procedures have been updated. You will need to complete the DSPS Scribe Request Form. This form should include all enrolled and waitlisted courses which you will need a scribe. On this form, be sure to select the counselor you saw who approved your accommodatiions. The counselor will then get an email to approve or deny your request. Denials can happen for many reasons. If you get denied you will be contacted to follow up.

If after submitting your DSPS Scribe Request Form there are any changes to your schedule please contact the Accommodations Specialist, Lovey Chahal, via email, phone, or DSPS virtual lobby.