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The following are questions commonly asked by college students using DSPS services. Understanding these answers may help you access resources you need to succeed.

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General DSPS FAQs

Please contact DSPS by phone (661) 395-4334 or via email to get more information on how to provide your documentation. The DSPS office has transitioned to an online environment and this means all documentation will need to be provided electronically.

All counseling and advising meetings have moved to a virtual environment. ConferZoom links will be emailed to you after your appointment has been confirmed by a DSPS staff member. Your virtual appointment can be completed through video or with audio only.

You will receive a copy of your accommodation’s checklist in your ConferZoom meeting with your counselor. If you need another copy at a later time, you can contact the DSPS front desk office at (661) 395-4334 or visit the DSPS Virtual Lobby.

After reviewing the DSPS website and this FAQ, if you have additional questions please contact the DSPS staff at (661) 395-4334, email the DSPS office at, or visit the DSPS Virtual Lobby via zoom

If you have a tape recorder checked out for the semester, please hold onto the equipment during the transition to a virtual environment. When we transition back to a face-to-face environment, please bring it into the DSPS front office. Any students who have not returned equipment that has not been returned within the two weeks will begin to receive phone calls reminding them to return the equipment or complete paperwork to check it out for another semester.

If you are a student encountering accessibility issues, please contact Katrina Marquez by phone at (661) 241-0714 or email If you are faculty and have questions on how to create an accessible virtual classroom, please contact Academic Technology.

Accommodations such as alternate media, scribes, extra tutoring time, and accommodated testing will still be available in a virtual environment. To access each accommodation, please contact the necessary department. You can refer to the DSPS Website for contact information.

All videos must be closed-captioned and captions should be accurate. Automatic captions need to be reviewed and edited for accuracy. Course materials need to be accessible for students with disabilities. If faculty need assistance with this, please contact Academic Technology. Zoom meeting invite links need to be sent to for students who are Deaf or to for students using scribe services.