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The following are questions commonly asked by college students using DSPS services. Understanding these answers may help you access resources you need to succeed.

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General DSPS FAQs

Please contact DSPS by phone (661) 395-4334 or via email dspsdesk@bakersfieldcollege.edu to get more information on how to provide your documentation. The DSPS office has transitioned to an online environment and this means all documentation will need to be provided electronically.

All counseling and advising meetings have moved to a virtual environment. ConferZoom links will be emailed to you after your appointment has been confirmed by a DSPS staff member. Your virtual appointment can be completed through video or with audio only.

You will receive a copy of your accommodation’s checklist in your ConferZoom meeting with your counselor. If you need another copy at a later time, you can contact the DSPS front desk office at (661) 395-4334.

After reviewing the DSPS website and this FAQ, if you have additional questions please contact the DSPS staff at (661) 395-4334 or email the DSPS office at dspsdesk@bakersfieldcollege.edu.

If you have a tape recorder checked out for the semester, please hold onto the equipment during the transition to a virtual environment. When we transition back to a face-to-face environment, please bring it into the DSPS front office. Any students who have not returned equipment that has not been returned within the two weeks will begin to receive phone calls reminding them to return the equipment or complete paperwork to check it out for another semester.

If you are a student encountering accessibility issues, please contact Katrina Marquez by phone at (661) 241-0714 or email altmedia@bakersfieldcollege.edu. If you are faculty and have questions on how to create an accessible virtual classroom, please contact Academic Technology.

Accommodations such as alternate media, scribes, extra tutoring time, and accommodated testing will still be available in a virtual environment. To access each accommodation, please contact the necessary department. You can refer to the DSPS Website for contact information.

All videos must be closed-captioned and captions should be accurate. Automatic captions need to be reviewed and edited for accuracy. Course materials need to be accessible for students with disabilities. If faculty need assistance with this, please contact Academic Technology. Zoom meeting invite links need to be sent to mbegendi@bakersfieldcollege.edu for students who are Deaf or to lovejot.chahal@bakersfieldcollege.edu for students using scribe services.

New Students FAQs

To apply for services, you must complete the application packet. The application packet can be found at the DSPS Getting Started Webpage. At the bottom of the page, please complete the following documents: Student Information Form, Release of Information Form and Verification of a Disability. These forms can be completed online, or you can print and complete them by hand. Examples of verification are listed in this PDF: Steps to Enrolling in DSPS, refer to item #5. If you have further questions regarding verification, please contact the DSPS front desk staff by email at altmedia@bakersfieldcollege.edu. You can also have your doctor complete the Verification of Disability form found on the DSPS site.

Currently, you will need to send your application packet by email. If you have completed the documents online and saved to your computer, you will attach them to an email. If you have printed the documents and completed by hand, you will need to scan the documents and attach them to an email.

If you do not have access to a scanner you can download a free scanner app to your phone or tablet to scan your document. For installation assistance for the CamScanner app, refer to this CamScanner video on how to install and use it from an android device (NOTE: this video has no sound).

When your application is ready to be sent to us with all required documents, please email everything to altmedia@bakersfieldcollege.edu. During the office's transition to a virtual environment, please allow up to two (2) business days to receive a phone call from the DSPS staff.

Once your emailed documentation has been received and reviewed, you will receive a phone call from the DSPS staff to schedule an appointment. Please allow two (2) business days to receive this phone call.

Counseling FAQs

Once you have spoken to a DSPS staff member and made an appointment with a DSPS counselor, you will receive an email link with an invitation to a ConferZoom meeting or a phone appointment. The day before your DSPS counselor meeting you will receive a call to confirm you have received this invitation.

On the day of your appointment, it is suggested you access your ConferZoom meeting at least five minutes before your scheduled appointment. The DSPS Office will continue to enforce the 10-minute rule. If you have not logged into your ConferZoom meeting within 10 minutes of your scheduled appointment time, the DSPS counselor will end your meeting. You will then need to contact the DSPS staff by email to reschedule your appointment.

Accommodations FAQs

Once you have completed your appointment with your DSPS counselor and received your accommodations, you will contact the following individuals as needed.

For Alternate Media (e-text and/or audio) questions:

Katrina Marquez, Alternative Media Specialist
Phone: (661) 241-0714
Email: katrina.marquez@bakersfieldcollege.edu

For Scribe or Assistive Technology questions:

Lovejot Chahal-Grewal, Accommodations Specialist
Phone: (661) 491-0670
Email: lovejot.chahal@bakersfieldcollege.edu

If you are a new student to DSPS and are using alt media services for the first time, you must complete an intake appointment. To schedule your intake appointment, you will contact Katrina Marquez at (661) 241-0714 or altmedia@bakersfieldcollege.edu. This appointment can be completed through a ConferZoom meeting or over the phone.

If you are a returning student and have not already received an Alternate Media Request form through email, please contact the Alternative Media Specialist at (661) 241-0714 or katrina.marquez@bakersfieldcollege.edu to request a form. You can print this form and complete by hand and scan or you can complete it online. To return your form, please attach your document to an email and send it to altmedia@bakersfieldcollege.edu.

An in-office intake appointment is typically 30 minutes; however, this time varies by student. In supporting students from a distance, the 30 minute schedule will continue to be used. If additional time is needed, an additional appointment will be scheduled.

If you have chosen to complete your intake appointment by ConferZoom meeting, you will receive the link the day before the appointment. It is advised you login to the ConferZoom meeting on the day of your appointment at least 5 minutes early. The alt media office will continue to enforce a 10-minute rule. If you have not logged into your ConferZoom meeting within 10 minutes of your appointment, your meeting will be ended, and you will need to reschedule your appointment. Missing an appointment will delay your alternate media requests.

On the day of your appointment, you will be contacted by phone or through ConferZoom meeting. By email you will receive two (2) documents, the Alternate Media Policies & Procedures (P&P) document and the Alternate Media Request form. During your appointment we will review the Alternate Media P&P document, we will review your alternate media options and we will end the meeting with you agreeing to complete the Alternate Media Request form and submitting it back to us through email.

Once you have submitted your Alternate Media Request form, the alternate media office will begin processing your requests. We will continue to work on a first come, first served basis, giving priority to blind and low vision students. During the campus transition to a virtual environment, the alternate media office cannot promise rapid turnaround. However, we will make every effort to keep the 10-business day rule like we do on campus. The alternate media office will continue to require proof of purchase to receive your requests. If you have any questions about this, contact the Alternative Media Specialist.

During the transition to a virtual environment, the TAPC staff will continue to develop ways to support students from a distance. However, please understand it will be your responsibility to control your environment and ensure there are no distractions at the location which you choose to take your exam.

Instructors will now be responsible for providing extra testing time in an online format. You will need to be sure to email your professor your accommodations checklist so they can provide you with the correct amount of time. If you are having any problems or concerns with extended time, contact the DSPS office at (661) 395-4334.

Be sure to keep in close contact with the Alternative Media Specialist to use alternative media for online exams. Your Kurzweil account will be used to read these exams. However, there will be an extra step. Your specialist can provide you instructions on how to use the Kurzweil Read the Web feature.

NetTutor is online tutoring available in your Canvas account. You can review a student guide to access NetTutor and view their covered subjects from the BC tutoring website under the tab Online Tutoring.

Scribes FAQs

If you still require the scribe to do the notes for you, then yes. You will be able to obtain the notes from the scribe. However, the notes will all be given in electronic format due to communication being strictly online. If you have a certain format that you would like your notes in, please communicate that to the scribe and/or the Accommodations Specialist.

You will contact your scribe just as you have been contacting them throughout the semester. You are to keep in contact through texting and/or email. If either one is unable to reach the other, the Accommodations Specialist will help with the communication. If you have any further contact issues, please contact the Accommodations Specialist at lovejot.chahal@bakersfieldcollege.edu or through phone/text at (661) 491-4670.

Work Ability FAQs

If you have questions about getting a job, please email the Workability staff:


Rudy Gutierrez, Job Development Specialist: rugutier@bakersfieldcollege.edu

Denise Crawford, Program Manager: dcrawfor@bakersfieldcollege.edu

If you have questions about applying for DOR services, visit www.dor.ca.gov or email Rudy Gutierrez at rugutier@bakersfieldcollege.edu or Denise Crawford at dcrawfor@bakersfieldcollege.edu.

Deaf Services FAQs

The Deaf Services Video Phone, Email, and voice phone are still great ways to contact Deaf Services. They will all work, even if in-person or on campus meetings are not available. In addition, a new text message number has been established. ConferZoom office hours and meeting rooms will also be available. Contact Deaf Services to schedule a Confer Zoom meeting.

Video Phone: (661) 369-8826

Email: mbegendi@bakersfieldcollege.edu

Text: (661) 379-0288

Voice Phone: (661) 395-4296

Contact the main DSPS office by phone at (661) 395-4334 or email at dspsdesk@bakersfieldcollege.edu. They will be able to assist you and have access to ASL/English interpreters.

Your instructor will be able to give you specific information about how your class will continue. At a minimum you should know how to access your Canvas. Many classes will also be utilizing ConferZoom. Deaf Services will be sending out some information videos in ASL as well as some quick tutorials to show you some useful tools in ConferZoom. Be sure to check your BC Email and contact Michelle Begendik in Deaf Services if you need assistance.

Yes, if you need an interpreter you will still have an interpreter. BC is working to ensure accommodations remain in place and are effective. Interpreters will be able to join classes in ConferZoom and interpret for the instructor and you just as they do during in-person courses.

It’s really simple. An interpreter will join the ConferZoom class meeting and you can pin their video to the screen and adjust the size. Deaf Services is working on a tutorial video to show a few useful tips that Deaf students might find useful. You can also contact Deaf Services to schedule a ConferZoom meeting to discuss some tips and tricks.

Yes, Interpreters will be available through email and ConferZoom to provide ASL interpretation of any writing prompts of assignment instruction that you need. Contact Deaf Services to make an appointment with an interpreter.

Contact the Deaf Services office to discuss your interpreting needs and they will assist you in making arrangements.

Your instructor can assign extended time on tests and quizzes that you take online. If your accommodations include extended time be sure to inform your teacher prior to the exam. Give faculty advanced notice to ensure they make the changes in Canvas. If needed you can also contact the Deaf Services Coordinator for assistance.

NetTutor is online tutoring that is available in your Canvas account. You can review a student guide to access NetTutor and view their covered subjects from the BC tutoring website under the tab Online Tutoring. Deaf Services can arrange for an interpreter for your appointments. Contact Deaf Services to make arrangements for an interpreter.

You can speak with your teacher regarding your accommodations checklist or reach out to the Deaf Services Coordinator for assistance.

Deaf Services will be available to assist you with registration. Michelle Begendik can meet with you remotely to complete required paperwork and assist with registration. Using technology like the videophone, ConferZoom and email, we are able to provide services in ASL, spoken English or written English.

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