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Bakersfield College

DSPS Staff

Alternative Media

We provide assistance for the creation of textbooks, instructional materials, and other printed information converted to alternate formats such as Braille, large print, or electronic text.

How can I receive alternate media services?

Students must be authorized to receive textbooks in an alternate format (i.e. e-text, Braille, large print) by their DSPS Counselor.

If this accommodation has been authorized for you, the following process must be utilized for receiving the alternate media:

  1. As soon as possible after registering for an upcoming semester, you will need to complete an Alternate Media Request Form.
    • You may add 5 books to the form.
    • Book information can be obtained from the booklist, if available for that semester, online at the BC Bookstore.
    • When the campus is open, you can meet with the Bookstore Manager or instructor to get the book title, author, ISBN#, etc. for the form.
  2. Provide any class materials (ie: syllabus, handouts) you have available when turning in the Alternate Media Request forms.
  3. In addition to the Alternate Media Request form, you will be required to sign and agree to the Alternate Media Policies and Procedures, if you have not done so in your new student orientation.
  4. Once alternate media is received, formatted, and labeled, it will be available for the student to pick up from the Alternate Media staff.
  5. You must provide proof that you have purchased the book before the alternate media can be released to you. If you plan to purchase a used book, please contact the Alternate Media staff (661) 395-4686 for instructions on obtaining a receipt.

When will I receive my materials?

Alternate Media will be requested from the Alternate Text Production Center (ATPC).

  • If book is available through ATPC, it should take approximately 2 to 4 weeks to receive. Books received from the ATPC may not be immediately available as additional formatting is often needed.
  • If book is unavailable through ATPC, other resources will be explored (AMX Database, Book Share, etc.).
  • If book is not currently available in electronic format through any of these resources, you have the following options:
    • Give your book to the Alternate Media staff so it can be converted through a high-speed scanning process. If you choose this option, your book will have the binding removed, leaving the pages unattached. Note: Upon request, you can have all unattached pages 3-hole punched for easy placement into a binder or plastic comb binding.
    • Use one of the flatbed scanners located in the High Tech Center (HTC) to scan your book independently. This may require some instruction in the use of specific hardware and software applications.

If you have any questions regarding your alternate media formats or general questions you can contact the Alternate Media Staff by e-mail.

Alternative Media Request Form

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