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Bakersfield College

DSPS Staff


Disabled Student Programs & Services assists the college in providing equal access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities. Disabled Student Programs & Services provides reasonable accommodations to students with documented physical, mental health, and learning disabilities who are enrolled in classes through Bakersfield College. The department provides accommodations and support services which may include, liaison with California State Department of Rehabilitation and other community resources, test taking assistance, special equipment, mobility assistance, note taking, assistive computer technology, special classes, sign language interpreters, written materials in alternate format, and learning disability assessment. These services are intended to prepare and support students to participate on an equal basis with their non-disabled peers. For college material in alternate format, contact Disabled Student Programs & Services.

Bakersfield College will make reasonable accommodations and/or academic adjustments to ensure that students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in the college’s courses, programs and activities, including extracurricular activities. Students with disabilities who are requesting academic accommodations or auxiliary aids should contact Disabled Student Programs & Services at (661) 395-4334. For DSPS services at the Delano Campus, please contact (661) 720-2000. Participation by students with disabilities in Disabled Student Programs & Services is voluntary. Any student choosing not to participate in the program may elect an alternate path for services through the Vice President, Student Affairs.

Estudiantes Incapacitados

Bakersfield College proveerá servicio y/o arreglos académicos para asegurar que estudiantes incapacitados tengan oportunidades iguales para participar en las clases de este colegio, incluyendo actividades extraescolares. Tales estudiantes que pidan arreglos o aparatos auxiliaries deben llamar a Disabled Student Programs and Services a (661) 395-4334, o al (661) 720-2000 para el campus en Delano. Participación es voluntaria. Estudiantes que no desean participar en este programa pueden ponerse en contacto con la oficina del Decano de Aprendizaje/Servicios Auxiliares.

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