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Bakersfield College Employees
Name Department Position Email Voice Phone Location
Joy Zamora
Skills Lab Assistant 395-4271
Cynthia Zamora Outreach and Early College
Counselor, Outreach and Early College (661) 395-4922
Katie Zeoli Behavioral Science
Adjunct Faculty, Behavioral Science (661) 395-4434
Rebecka Zepeda Biology
Professor, Biology (661) 395-4401
Murad Zikri Business Management and Information Technology
Professor, Business Management and Information Technology (661) 395-4088
B 6
Deborah Zipnick Communication
Adjunct Faculty, Communication (661) 395-4981
Tina Zito Education
Adjunct Faculty, Education (661) 395-4009
CSS 135
Christian Zoller Public Safety Training Programs
Department Chair, Public Safety Training Programs (661) 395-4484
LA 215C