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Bakersfield College

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Bakersfield College Employees
Name Department Position Email Voice Phone Location
Kristin Rabe Technology Support Services
Interim Assistant Director, Technology Support Services (661) 395-4615
L 133
Jennifer Rachal Education
Associate Professor, Education (661) 395-4923
CSS 204
Rose Rakow Agriculture
Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture
Josh Ralls Industrial Technology
Associate Professor, Welding (661) 395-4790
IT 208
Patricia Ramirez Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)
Program Manager, Categorical Programs (661) 395-4238
CSS 195
Pedro Ramirez Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)
Adjunct Faculty, Counselor, EOPS (661) 395-4364
A 8
Theresa Ramirez Child Development
Adjunct Faculty, Child Development
Martin Ramirez Maintenance & Operations
Electrician (661) 395-4221
M&O Shop
Giselle Ramirez Counseling and Advising
Adjunct Faculty, Counselor, General (661) 395-4421
Salvador Ramirez Outreach and Early College
Educational Advisor, Outreach and Early College (661) 395-4008
CSS 2nd Floor, DST 114
Barry Ramirez English
Writing Center Consultant (661) 395-4252
Berenice Ramirez-Estrada Veteran Resource Center
Department Assistant Veterans Resource Center (661) 395-4081
Veterans Resource Center
Lysander Ramos Financial Aid
Financial Aid Technician; Financial Aid Expert - Industrial Technology and Transportation Pathway
Patricia Ramos Maintenance & Operations
Custodian I (661) 395-4221
Cynthia Randall Allied Health
Adjunct Faculty, Radiologic Technology
Richard Range Applied Science & Technology
Assistant Professor, Automotive (661) 395-4374
IT 202
Catherine Rangel Office of Instruction
Administrative Assistant, Office of Vice President - Instruction (661) 395-4305
CC Executive Suite
Edward Rangel Business Management and Information Technology
Associate Professor, Computer Science (661) 395-4879
B 13
Jeff Rasmussen Agriculture
Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture
Christopher Raue
Adjunct Faculty, Manufacturing
Jon Rawlins Industrial Technology
Adjunct Faculty, Construction
Lupe Ray Admissions and Records
Technician II, Admissions and Records (661) 395-4442
A 7
Scott Raymoure English
Adjunct Faculty, English (661) 395-4252
Rony Recinos Applied Science & Technology
Assistant Professor, Automotive (661) 395-4676
IT 204
William Rector Behavioral Science
Adjunct Faculty, Behavioral Science (661) 395-4434
Brett Redd Technology Support Services
Interim Executive Director, Technology Support Services (661) 395-4605
L 187
Michal Reed Art
Adjunct Faculty, Art (661) 395-4404
Nyoka Reed Art
Adjunct Faculty, Art (661) 395-4404
Barbara Reifel Foster Kinship Care and Education (FKCE)
FKCE Trainer
Jason Reneau Industrial Technology
Adjunct, Construction
Araceli Renteria Delano Campus
Teacher Assistant (661) 720-2010
DST Lobby
Venessa Reyes Allied Health
Educational Advisor, Nursing/Allied Health; Advising Expert, Health Sciences Pathway (661) 395-4476
MS 178
Dena Rhoades Human Resources
Interim Director, Human Resources KCCD (661) 395-4850
A 19C
Billie Jo Rice Office of Instruction
Vice President, Instruction (661) 395-4305
CC 208
Cristin Rice Custodial (Maintenance & Operations)
Custodial I, Maintenance and Operations (661) 395-4221
Michael Richards Art
Adjunct Faculty, Art (661) 395-4404
Jana Richardson Public Safety Training Programs
Faculty, Paramedic (661) 395-4118
Weill 125
Tyler Richmond English
Adjunct Faculty, English (661) 395-4252
David Riess Behavioral Science
Associate Professor, Sociology (661) 395-4294
Klint Rigby Industrial Technology
Department Chair; Industrial Technology (661) 395-4225
IT 202
LeAnn Riley Agriculture
Professor, Food Science and Technology (661) 395-4966
AG 5
Matthew Riley Agriculture
Assistant Professor, Mechanized Agriculture (661) 395-4965
AG 5
Cristal Rios Finance and Administrative Services
Budget Analyst (661) 395-4094
Levinson Hall 10
Walter Rivas Financial Aid
Department Assistant III, Financial Aid (661) 395-4426
CSS 178A
Regina Rivera Food Service
Department Assistant III, Food Services (661) 395-4345
Main Campus-Dining Commons
Dominica Rivera-Dominguez Career Education (CE)
Educational Advisor, Career & Technical Education (CTE); Advising Expert - Public Safety, Fire and Child Development Pathways (661) 395-4316
Pamela Rivers Academic Technology
Assistant Director, Academic Technology and Professional Development (661) 395-4216
L 131
Renee Robertson Office of Instruction
Executive Secretary (661) 395-4981
H 56
Derek Robinson Public Safety Training Programs
Director, Public Safety Training Programs (661) 395-4117
Weill 120
Joshua Rocha History
Adjunct Faculty, History (661) 395-4984
William Rockey Biology
Professor, Biology (661) 395-4512
SE 43B
Alexandria Rockey Academic Technology
Professor, Academic Technology (661) 395-4493
L 129
Elizabeth Rodacker English for Multilingual Students (EMLS)
Professor, EMLS (661) 395-4793
LA 211
John Rodrigues Behavioral Science
Adjunct Faculty, Behavioral Science (661) 395-4434
Hilda Rodriguez Admissions and Records
Technician II, Dual Enrollment (661) 395-4308
Administration Building
Theresa Rodriguez Food Service
Department Assistant, Food Service (661) 395-4345
Freddie Rodriguez Career Education (CE)
Job Development Specialist; Career Expert - Business, Arts, Communication, and Humanities Pathways (661) 395-3582
Yolanda Rodriguez Maintenance & Operations
Custodian I (661) 395-4221
Crystal Rodriguez Allied Health
Associate Professor (661) 395-4281
Lev 10
Margarita Rodriguez Counseling and Advising
Educational Advisor, Arvin
Marcos Rodriguez Maintenance & Operations
Executive Director, Facilities & Operations (661) 395-4221
(661) 395-4478
M&O 102
Christina Rodriguez Technology Support Services
Department Assistant I
Lucia Rodriguez Counseling and Advising
Adjunct Faculty, Counselor, General (661) 395-4421
Juan Rodriguez Ramirez Mathematics
Assistant Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4647
MS 113
Mireya Rodriguez-Del Rio Child Development Center (CDC)
Teacher, Child Development Center (661) 395-4074
CDC 401
Lisa Rogers Education
Adjunct Faculty, Education (661) 395-4009
CSS 135
Hsin-Neh Rogers Counseling and Advising
Adjunct Faculty, Student Development
David Rohac Behavioral Science
Professor, Psychology (661) 395-4205
LA 108D
Maria Rojas Cal-SOAP
Department Assistant III, EOPS/NextUp/CalWORKs/SSJV Cal-SOAP (661) 395-4957
CSS Second Floor Reception Area
Norma Rojas-Mora Marketing & Public Relations
Director of Communication and Community Relations (661) 395-4382
CC 232
Claudio Romero Financial Aid
Financial Aid and Outreach Advisor (661) 395-4718
Denise Romero STEM Program
STEM Transfer specialist (661) 395-4600
Coral Roper Delano Campus
Librarian (661) 720-2015
Oliver Rosales History
Professor, History (661) 720-2065
DST 1114
Manuel Rosas Counseling and Advising
Counselor, EOPS (661) 395-4719
CSS 180
Laraine Rosema Completion Coaching Community - Personal and Career Exploration Pathway
Adjunct Faculty, English;
Deborah Rosenthal Physical Science
Professor, Chemistry (661) 395-4775
SE 18E
Aaron Rothkopf Communication
Adjunct Faculty, Communication; Adjunct Journalism Faculty (661) 395-4981
Richard Roux History
Adjunct Faculty, History (661) 395-4984
Kathy Rowland English
Adjunct Faculty, English (661) 395-4252
Tanna Rozar English
Adjunct Faculty, English (661) 395-4252
Liz Rozell Office of the President
Program Director, Energy Technology Transfer and Workforce Development (661) 395-4800
Armando Rubio Art
Adjunct Faculty, Art (661) 395-4404
Priscilla Rubio Counseling and Advising
Adjunct Faculty, Student Development
Jordan Rude Behavioral Science
Professor, Behavioral Sciences (661) 395-4897
LA 108C
Kevin Ruiz Mathematics
Associate Professor, Mathematics
MS 113
Katherine Ruiz Performing Arts
Adjunct Faculty, Music (661) 395-4404
Kathleen Rush Mathematics
Professor, Mathematics; Department Chair (661) 395-4331
MS 107E
Thomas Rush Applied Science & Technology
Professor, Electronics and Industrial Automation (661) 395-4802
IT 206
Conni Rush Behavioral Science
Adjunct Faculty Behavioral Science (661) 395-4434
Bryan Russell Philosophy
Professor, Philosophy (661) 395-4387
FA 70
Kirk Russell Library, Panorama Campus
Chair/Professor, Library (661) 395-4625
L 125
Naomi Rutuku English
Professor, English (661) 395-4918
H 102