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Bakersfield College Employees
Name Department Position Email Voice Phone Location
Diana Padilla Cal-SOAP
College Success Coach (661) 395-4954
Liberty High School
Jason Page Economics
Adjunct Faculty, Economics (661) 395-4984
Tim Painton Kinesiology, Health, and Athletics
Professor, Health and Physical Education; Head Coach, Baseball (661) 395-4261
Sara Palasch Foreign Language
Professor, Spanish (661) 395-4795
LA 220
Sarah Parker Business Management and Information Technology
Faculty (661) 395-4661
Christian Parker History
Professor, History (661) 395-4717
H 32
Grayson Parker History
Adjunct Faculty, History (661) 395-4984
Paula Parks English
Professor, English; Coordinator, Umoja ASTEP Community (661) 395-4767
Humanities 43
BCSGA Parliamentarian Student Government Association (SGA)
Parliamentarian (661) 395-4614
CC 4
Christina Parnell Performing Arts
Adjunct Faculty, Music (661) 395-4404
Earl Parsons Marketing & Public Relations
Program Manager, Community Relations - Energy Initiatives (661) 336-5093
Weill Institute
Robin Patterson Nursing
Department Assistant II, Nursing/Allied Health (661) 395-4677
MS 178
Bailie Patterson Cal-SOAP
College Success Coach (661) 395-4954
Frontier High School
Myron Patton Agriculture
Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture
Melida Paz Mathematics
Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
Pierre Peasha Industrial Technology
Adjunct Faculty, Architecture
Scott Peat Biology
Professor, Biology (661) 395-4329
SE 36
Laura Peet English
Assistant Professor, English (661) 395-4459
H 33
Angelica Perez Rising Scholars Program
Program Director, Rising Scholars Program (661) 395-4519
LA 216
Lupe Perez Behavioral Science
Adjunct Faculty, Behavioral Science (661) 395-4434
Martin Perez Career Education (CE)
Program Manager, Industrial Technology & Transportation
Paul Perez Performing Arts
Adjunct Faculty, Music (661) 395-4404
Rosa Perez Career Education (CE)
Jobspeaker Ambassador (661) 395-4828
Ilse Perez Maintenance & Operations
Custodian I (661) 395-4221
M&O Shop
Carmen Perez Nursing
Instructional Assistant 661-395-3552
MS 58
Lucy Perez-Dykes Counseling and Advising
Educational Advisor, Advising Expert - Arts, Communication and Humanities Pathway (661) 395-4423
CSS 158
Randy Perkins English
Adjunct Faculty (661) 395-4252
Ben Perlado Counseling and Advising
Director, Transfer Pathways (661) 395-4031
CSS 23
Jannie Perry Child Development
Adjunct Faculty, Child Development
Tarina Perry Academic Senate
Academic Senate (661) 395-4300
CC Executive Suite
Jenny Peters Counseling and Advising
Adjunct Faculty, Student Development
Zackaria Peters Kinesiology, Health, and Athletics
Professor, Health and Physical Education; Strength and Conditioning (661) 395-4266
GYM 19
Jacqueline Petrini Office of Instruction
Executive Secretary (661) 395-4406
FA 69D
Mychael Phillips Communication
Adjunct Faculty, Communication (661) 395-4981
Jack Pierce Physical Science
Professor, Geology (661) 395-4391
MS 5
Eileen Pierce Academic Support Services
Program Manager, Academic Support (661) 395-4202
CSS 124
Arisve Pimentel Office of Student Life
Department Assistant, Office of Student Life (661) 395-4614
Campus Center
Lillian (Lily) Pimentel-Stratton Child Development
Professor, Child Development (661) 720-2006
DST 1009
Jerry Pinon Maintenance & Operations
Grounds Worker I (661) 395-4221
M&O Shop
Susan Pinza Education
Professor, Education; Tutoring Center Faculty Coordinator; Tutor Trainer (661) 395-4464
(661) 395-4749
CSS 123, CSS 203
Alexis Pitcher Kinesiology, Health, and Athletics
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Sports Medicine (661) 395-4475
Anna Plett Physical Science
Adjunct Faculty, Chemistry
Timothy Plett Physical Science
Assistant Professor, Physics (661) 395-4973
MS 27
Rosalee Pogue Archives
Archives Assistant (661) 395-4949
L 216
Robin Polski Child Development
Adjunct Faculty, Child Development
Amy Poochigan Behavioral Science
Adjunct Faculty, Behavioral Science
Mike Popichak
Adjunct Faculty
Karen Porfiri Child Development
Adjunct Faculty, Child Development
Lupe Portillo Food Service
Food Services Assistant III (661) 395-4345
Main Campus-Dining Commons
Vic Posey Applied Science & Technology
Associate Professor, Automotive Technology (661) 395-4532
AT 2
Tina Posey Business Management and Information Technology
Adjunct Faculty, Business Management and Information Technology (661) 395-4272
B 1
Cynthia Powell English
Professor, English (661) 395-4782
H 42
Leah Prendez Office of Student Life
Events and Scheduling Specialist (661) 395-4518
Campus Center
BCSGA President Student Government Association (SGA)
President (661) 395-4614
CC 4
Rachael Prieto Student Employment
Department Assistant III, Student Employment (661) 395-4550
Andrea Prise Agriculture
Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture
Talita Pruett Communication
Associate Professor, Communication (661) 395-4810
FA 50
BC SouthWest Public Safety Officer BC SouthWest
On-duty Public Safety Officer (661) 747-6076
Lindsay Puente Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS)
Sign Language Interpreter (661) 395-4398
L 218
Michelle Lina Puentes Office of Instruction
Executive Secretary, Office of Instruction (661) 395-4921
LA 205A
Ramon Puga Maintenance & Operations
Operations Manager (661) 395-4548
M&O 105
Cynthia Pulido Student Success Technology
Department Assistant III (661) 395-4558
Elias Purmul Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)
Adjunct Faculty, Counselor, EOPS (661) 395-4867