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Bakersfield College Employees
Name Department Position Email Voice Phone Location
Sarah O'Connor Biology
Adjunct Faculty, Biology
SE 32
Michael O'Doherty Business Management and Information Technology
Adjunct Faculty, Business Management and Information Technology (661) 395-4404
Patrick O'Neill Behavioral Science
Adjunct Faculty, Behavioral Science (661) 395-4434
Gamaliel Leo Ocampo BC SouthWest
Program Manager, BC SouthWest (661) 541-1513
Suzanne Oesch Physical Therapist Assistant
Program Director, Physical Therapist Assistant Program; Professor, Health and Physical Education (661) 395-3583
LA 118A
Norman Oilar
Sandra Ojeda Cal-SOAP
College Success Coach (661) 3954954
Mike Oldershaw Physical Science
Adjunct Faculty, Geology
Mark Olsen English
Adjunct Faculty, English (661) 395-4252
Lindsay Ono Agriculture
Professor, Environmental Horticulture (661) 401-6720
Aaron Orndoff Public Safety Training Programs
Adjunct, EMT (661) 395-4113
Weill 125
Haydee Orona Office of Instruction
Department Assistant III (661) 395-3506
AS 143
Javier Oronoz History
Adjunct Faculty, History (661) 395-4984
Jesus Oropeza Counseling and Advising
Counselor, General; Counseling Expert - STEM Pathway (661) 720-2077
DST 1001
Aurora Orozco
Ricardo Orozco College Safety, Campus Security
College Safety Officer II (661) 395-4554
AS 128
Yvonne Ortega Child Development Center (CDC)
Associate Teacher, Child Development Center (661) 395-4074
CDC 401B
Jenae Ortega Financial Aid
Financial Aid Assistant (661) 395-4415
Lori Ortiz Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Executive Secretary, Office of Institutional Effectiveness (661) 395-4662
AS 151
Romelia Ortiz Child Development
Adjunct Faculty, Child Development
Richard Osborn Maintenance & Operations
Temp Ground Worker (661) 395-4221
M&O Shop
Mark Osdale Communication
Professor, Communication (661) 395-4612
FA 54
Lee Osthimer Public Safety Training Programs
Department Assistant III (661) 395-4121
Weill 125
Joshua Ottum Performing Arts
Professor, Commercial Music (661) 395-4044
PAC 115C