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Bakersfield College Employees
Name Department Position Email Voice Phone Location
Jeff La Force Counseling and Advising
Educational Advisor - Job Corps Scholars, Agriculture, Nutrition and Culinary Arts (661) 395-4716
Cynthia Ladoano College Safety, Campus Security
College Safety Officer I (661) 395-4554
AS 128
Jerome Lagaya American Sign Language (ASL)
Adjunct Faculty, American Sign Language (ASL) (661) 395-4977
Claire Lahorgue Mathematics
Associate Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4283
LA 105
Bryan Lainez Admissions and Records
Technician II/Evaluator
A 7
Andrew Lamers English
Professor, English (661) 395-4399
H 41
Heather Lamers English
Adjunct Faculty, English (661) 395-4252
Carolyn Lane Child Development
Adjunct Faculty, Child Development
Jacob Lanier Philosophy
Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy (661) 395-4984
Evette Lara Counseling and Advising
Educational Advisor, Advising Expert - Business Pathway (661) 395-4582
CSS Ed Advisor Area
Alexandra Lara Nursing
Assistant Professor Nursing/Faculty (661) 395-3518
Lora Larkin Business Management and Information Technology
Interim Dean of Instruction
Jacqueline (Jackie) Lau Admissions and Records
Assistant Director, Admissions and Records (661) 395-4303
A 7
Ginger LeBlanc Behavioral Science
Department Chair, Behavioral Sciences (661) 395-4513
LA 215B
Eddie Ledbetter Technology Support Services
System Support Specialist II (661) 395-4483
L 174
Peter LeGrant Philosophy
Professor, Philosophy (661) 395-4583
FA 67
Aricia Leighton Marketing & Public Relations
Web Content Editor (661) 395-4251
AS 154
Christopher Lessley Art
Adjunct Faculty, Art (661) 395-4404
David Lewis Behavioral Science
Adjunct Faculty, Behavioral Science (661) 395-4434
Joshua Lewis Mathematics
Associate Professor, Mathematics; Department Chair, Math (661) 395-4226
MS 107E
Alex Lewis Economics
Adjunct Faculty, Economics (661) 395-4984
Jim Leyendecker Applied Science & Technology
Adjunct Faculty, Automotive Technology
Lorena Liera Foreign Language
Adjunct Faculty, Foreign Language (661) 395-4977
Milena Lilles Biology
Assistant Professor, Biology (661) 395-4687
SE 332
Maria Lira Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)
Educational Advisor, EOPS/NextUp (661) 395-4451
CSS Second Floor
Michael Little Mathematics
Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
F. Javier Llamas History
Associate Professor, History (661) 395-4637
H 102
Zach Llarenas Nursing
Adjunct Faculty
Kevin Lohmann Performing Arts
Program Manager, Performing Arts (661) 395-4014
FA 66E
Alisha Loken Nursing
RN Asst. Director, Department Chair, Faculty (661) 395-4420
MS 174
Priyanka Longacre Physical Science
Adjunct Faculty, Chemistry
Christopher Lonner Mathematics
Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
Jeff Looker Finance and Administrative Services
Budget Analyst (661) 395-4057
LEV 34
Penny Loos Food Service
Food Services Assistant (661) 395-4058
Christina Lopez Journalism
Adjunct Faculty, Journalism (661) 395-4981
Raquel Lopez Delano Campus
Program Manager, Rural Initiatives/Instruction (661) 720-2072
DST 114
Hilario Lopez Foreign Language
Adjunct Faculty, Foreign Language (661) 395-4977
Jaime Lopez Delano Campus
Interim Program Director, Rural Initiatives (661) 720-2054
DST 115
Mirka Lopez Counseling and Advising
Educational Advisor, Advising Expert - Kern Promise, Transfer Pthways (661) 395-4078
CSS Ed Advisor Area
Alejandra "Olly" Lopez Beltran Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)
Educational Advisor, EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs (661) 395-3593
CSS Second Floor
Brittany Lorimer Foods & Nutrition
Adjunct Faculty, Nutrition
Veronica Lucas Counseling and Advising
Counselor, General; Counseling Expert - Education Pathway (661) 720-2078
DST 1001
Jerry Ludeke Archives
Director, Archives (661) 395-4949
L 216
Jesus Luevanos College Safety, Campus Security
College Safety Officer I (661) 395-4554
AS 128
Laura Luiz Library, Panorama Campus
Reference Librarian (661) 395-4463