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Bakersfield College Employees
Name Department Position Email Voice Phone Location
Douglas Fahsbender Communication
Adjunct Faculty, Communication (661) 395-4981
Rebecca Farley Office of Instruction
Dean of Instruction, Art, Communication & Performing Arts (661) 395-4406
FA 69
Melissa Farrand Marketing & Public Relations
Alternate Media Design Specialist
AS 154
Alma Feathers Delano Campus
Program Manager, Early College-Rural Areas (661) 720-2034
DST 111
Charles Feer Behavioral Science
Adjunct Faculty, Behavioral Science (661) 395-4434
David Fenn Agriculture
Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture (661) 769-6571
Manuel Fernandez Applied Science & Technology
Professor, Electronics and Industrial Automation (661) 395-4645
IT 24
Carl Ferreira Kinesiology, Health, and Athletics
Professor, Health and Physical Education; Head Coach, Women's Volleyball and Sand Volleyball (661) 395-4343
Dennis Fidler Industrial Technology
Adjunct Faculty, Electronic
Diana Figueroa Outreach and Early College
Educational Advisor, Outreach and Early College (661) 393-5091
Weill Institute
Jerry Figures Industrial Technology
Adjunct Faculty, Auto
Christopher Flachmann Behavioral Science
Adjunct Faculty, Behavioral Science (661) 395-4434
Mackenzie Flanagan Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS)
Accommodation Specialist (661) 395-4771
CSS 04
Justin Flint Applied Science & Technology
Assistant Professor, Automotive Technology (661) 395-4384
IT 202
Norma Flores Cal-SOAP
College Success Coach (661) 395-4954
Maricopa High School/Bakersfield High School
Shae Flores Nursing
Professor, Nursing/Faculty (661) 395-4742
MS 154
Judy Forbes Public Safety Training Programs
Adjunct, Fire Tech (661) 395-4113
Weill 125
Cheyenne Ford Admissions and Records
Technician II (661) 395-4315
Keith Ford Kinesiology, Health, and Athletics
Associate Director, Athletics (661) 395-4299
GYM 19
Raquel Fore Rising Scholars Program
Program Manager, Rising Scholars Program (661) 395-4425
LA 216
Kevin Forster Education
Adjunct Faculty, Education (Arvin Campus) (661) 395-4009
Heidi Forsythe Communication
Adjunct Faculty, Communication (661) 395-4981
Heather Foss Kinesiology, Health, and Athletics
Adjunct Coach, Cheer Coach
Matt Foster Maintenance & Operations
Print Shop Clerk (661) 395-4504
M&O 112
Pamela Fox-Peterson Education
Adjunct Faculty, Education; Tutor Trainer (661) 395-4009
BCSW 14, CSS 135
Jenny Frank Veteran Resource Center
Manager, Veteran Services and Programs (661) 395-4312
Brenda Freaney English
Professor, English (661) 395-4275
H 49
Michael Fredenberg Mathematics
Faculty, Mathematics
LA 117
Tonya Frederick Completion Coaching Community - Health Sciences Pathway
Department Assistant III, Title V (661) 395-4421
SSC Building
Mirian Fuentes Food Service
Food Services Assistant III (661) 395-4345
Main Campus-Dining Commons
Andrea Fuerte Cal-SOAP
Cal-Soap Field Advisor
Shelia Fuller Testing and Placement Center
Assessment Assistant (661) 395-4469
CSS 14
Tiffanie Fung Counseling and Advising
Adjunct Faculty, Counselor, General (661) 395-4421
Tori Furman Counseling and Advising
Adjunct Faculty, Counselor, General (661) 395-4421