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Bakersfield College Employees
Name Department Position Email Voice Phone Location
Ximena Da Silva Tavares Physical Science
Professor, Chemistry (661) 395-4072
SE 343
Dr. Zav Dadabhoy Office of the President
President (661) 395-4211
CC 205
Paula Dahl Kinesiology, Health, and Athletics
Professor, Health & Physical Education; Head Coach, Women's Basketball (661) 395-4257
Konrad Dahl Kinesiology, Health, and Athletics
Professor, Health and Physical Education, Adaptive PE
GYM 19
Rod Dalton Economics
Adjunct Faculty, Economics (661) 395-4984
Rising Scholars Program: LA 216; Social Science: FACE 15A
Nicky Damania Office of Student Life
Dean of Students (661) 395-4614
CC 129
Scott Dameron Kinesiology, Health, and Athletics
Professor, Health and Physical Education; Head Coach, Women's Soccer (661) 395-4454
Mike Daniel Physical Science
Professor, Chemistry (661) 395-4325
SE 28
LaFrance Daniels Jr. Biology
Adjunct Faculty, Biology
Dr. Charles Daramola Behavioral Science
Professor, Public Health (661) 395-4447
LA 118A
Devin Daugherty Communication
Adjunct Faculty, Communication
William Davidson Maintenance & Operations
Maintenance Worker (661) 395-4221
M&O Shop
Caitlin Davidson Office of Student Life
Program Manager, Basic Needs (661) 395-4432
Campus Center
Perla Davis Foster Kinship Care and Education (FKCE)
FKCE Trainer
Sarai Davis Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS)
Job Development Specialist (661) 395-4385
John "Doug" Davis Performing Arts
Adjunct Faculty, Music (Jazz Piano) (661) 395-4404
Pam Davis Foreign Language
Professor, American Sign Language (ASL) (661) 395-4278
LA 210
Sandra Davis Nursing
Professor, Nursing/Faculty (661) 395-4728
MS 175
Vanessa De La Cruz Financial Aid
Financial Aid Technician (661) 395-4021
CSS 162
Evadith De Leon Counseling and Advising
Adjunct Faculty, Counselor, General (661) 395-4421
Robert Dean Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Institutional Research Analyst (661) 395-4390
AS 151
Carl Dean Kinesiology, Health, and Athletics
Professor, Health and Physical Education; Offensive Coordinator, Football; Department Chair, Kinesiology (661) 395-4265
Todd Dearmore College Safety, Campus Security
Assistant Director, College Safety (661) 395-4762
AS 122
Erika Delamar Kinesiology, Health, and Athletics
Adjunct Faculty, Health and Physical Education (661) 395-4266
Rene Deniz Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)
Adjunct Faculty, Counselor, EOPS (661) 395-4228
Lizette Denz Child Development Center (CDC)
Teacher, Child Development Center (661) 395-4069
CDC 402B
Victor Diaz Counseling and Advising
Counselor, General; Department Chair, Counseling; Counseling Expert - Agriculture, Nutrition and Culinary Arts Pathway (661) 395-4052
CSS 46
Maria Diego Foreign Language
Adjunct Faculty, Foreign Language (661) 395-4977
Joseph Digiacomo Industrial Technology
Adjunct, Construction
BCSGA Director of Legislative Affairs Student Government Association (SGA)
Director of Legislative Affairs (661) 395-4614
CC 4
Scott Dirkse Performing Arts
Professor, Music (Piano, Music Appreciation) (661) 395-4404
Christopher Dison English
Professor, English (661) 720-2016
DST 1007
Jason Dixon Engineering
Department Chair, Engineering; Professor, Engineering (661) 395-4080
SE 325
Corey Dobbs Maintenance & Operations
Grounds Worker I (661) 395-4221
Diane Dodson Office of Instruction
Department Assistant III (661) 395-4404
FA 69F
Nora Dominguez Cal-SOAP
Interim Director, Outreach - Special Programs (661) 395-4474
CSS 184A
James Donahue English
Adjunct Faculty, EMLS (661) 720-2000
Ezequiel Dorado Cal-SOAP
College Success Coach (661) 395-4954
Centennial High School
Chris Doyen English
Professor, English (661) 720-2059
DST 1111
Marcus Duarte-Smith Behavioral Science
Adjunct Faculty, Behavioral Science (661) 395-4434
Gloria Dumler English
Professor, English (661) 395-4542
H 44
Jeffrey Dundas Performing Arts
Adjunct Faculty, Music (Clarinet) (661) 395-4404
Damaris Duque Maintenance & Operations
Custodian I (661) 395-4221
Ariel Dyer Library, Panorama Campus
Reference Librarian (661) 395-4209