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Bakersfield College Faculty
Name Department Position Email Voice Phone Location
Saeed Jafarzadeh Engineering
Adjunct Faculty, Engineering
Maryam Jalalifarahani Engineering
Industrial Automation Baccalaureate
Faculty, Engineering
SE 326
Denise James Counseling and Advising
Adjunct Faculty, Student Development
Kyle Jean Kinesiology, Health, and Athletics
Adjunct Faculty, Health and Physical Education
Shane Jett English
Professor, English (661) 395-4208
FA 71
Qiu Jimenez Foreign Language
Completion Coaching Community - Arts, Communication and Humanities Pathway
Professor, Foreign Language (661) 395-4292
LA 207
Joseph Johnson Counseling and Advising
Adjunct Faculty, Counselor, General (661) 395-4421
Kimberly Johnson English
Adjunct Faculty, English (661) 395-4252
Daymon Johnson History
Professor, History (661) 395-4350
H 39
Fabiola Johnson Counseling and Advising
Completion Coaching Team - Public Safety Pathway
Completion Coaching Community - Public Safety Pathway
Counselor, At-Risk; Counseling Expert - Public Safety Pathway (661) 395-4860
CSS 36
Nancy Johnson Business Management and Information Technology
Adjunct Faculty, Business Management & Information Technology (661) 395-4272
A.Todd Jones Communication
Professor, Communication (661) 395-4606
FA 48
Catherine Jones Industrial Technology
Industrial Automation Baccalaureate
Professor, Occupational Safety and Risk Management (661) 395-4804
INDT 206
Matt Jones Academic Technology
Assistant Professor, Instructional Technology - Online Initiatives, Canvas, Design Tools (661) 395-4332
L 129
Kenneth Jones Industrial Technology
Assistant Professor, Construction; Faculty, Woodworking (661) 395-4884
IT 2