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Bakersfield College

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Bakersfield College Administration
Name Department Position Email Voice Phone Location
Dr. Zav Dadabhoy Office of the President
Interim President (661) 395-4211
CC 205
Kalina Hill Academic Technology
Program Manager, Academic Technology (661) 395-3510
Dionna Doss Office of Instruction
Director, Academic Support Services
Eileen Pierce Academic Support Services
Program Manager, Academic Support (661) 395-4202
CSS 124
Tonya Frederick Completion Coaching Community - Health Sciences Pathway
Department Assistant III, Title V (661) 395-4421
SSC Building
Mike Giacomini Finance and Administrative Services
Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services (661) 395-4203
CC 210
Billie Jo Rice Office of Instruction
Vice President, Instruction (661) 395-4305
CC 208
Emmanuel Mourtzanos Student Affairs
Interim Vice President, Student Affairs (661) 395-4204
CC 209
Debi Anderson Office of the President
Administrative Assistant, President (661) 395-4211
CC Executive Suite
Reggie Bolton Athletics
Dean of Instruction, Kinesiology, Health & Athletics / Athletic Director (661) 395-4258
GYM 19
Anthony Cordova Career Education (CE)
Interim Dean of Instruction, Industrial Technology and Transportation (661) 395-4787
(661) 808-7153
IT 1
Nicky Damania Office of Student Life
Dean of Students (661) 395-4614
CC 129
Rebecca Farley Office of Instruction
Dean of Instruction, Art, Communication, Performing Arts (661) 395-4406
FA 69
Carla Gard Nursing
Dean of Instruction, Nursing/Allied Health; Director of Nursing (661) 395-4281
MS 178
Craig Hayward Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Dean, Institutional Effectiveness (661) 395-4948
LEV 16
Jennifer Jett English
Interim Dean of Instruction, English, Foreign Language, ASL & EMLS (661) 395-4237
H 57
Richard McCrow Office of Instruction
Dean of Instruction (661) 395-4694
LA 205A
Ronnie Knabe Nursing
Interim Associate Dean of Instruction, Nursing (661) 395-4287
MS 181
James McGarrah STEM Program
Associate Dean of Instruction, Physical Science and Engineering 661-395-4974
SE 5
Bill Moseley Academic Technology
Dean of Instruction, Academic Technology (661) 395-4741
L 130
Andrea Thorson Office of Instruction
Dean of Instruction (661) 395-4610
H 55
Stephen Waller Office of Instruction
Dean of Instruction, Math, Science and Engineering (661) 395-4231
SE 57
Jennifer Achan Financial Aid
Director, Financial Aid (661) 395-4428
CSS 178B
Jessica Wojtysiak Office of Instruction
Dean of Instruction-Agriculture, Family and Consumer Education (FACE), Child Development Center, BC Southwest and Rural Initiatives (661) 395-4936
Neelam Agarwal Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS)
Director, DSPS (661) 395-4590
CSS 10
Kylie Campbell Outreach and Early College
Director, Early College (661) 336-5079
Weill Institute
Shelly Castaneda College Safety, Campus Security
Executive Director, College Safety (661) 395-3561
LEV 23
Charles Collom Student Health & Wellness Center
Director, Student Health and Wellness Center (661) 395-4336
LEV 34
Keith Ford Athletics
Associate Director, Athletics (661) 395-4299
GYM 19
Daniel Hall Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Director, Student Success Technology (661) 395-4564
CSS 24
Marisa Marquez Counseling and Advising
Interim Dean of Student Success & Counseling (661) 395-4421
CSS 45
Michelle Peña Enrollment Services
Director, Enrollment Services (661) 395-4318
A 7
Brett Redd Technology Support Services
Interim Executive Director, Technology Support Services (661) 395-4605
L 187
Derek Robinson Public Safety Training Programs
Director, Public Safety Training Programs (661) 395-4117
Weill 120
Marcos Rodriguez Maintenance & Operations
Executive Director, Facilities & Operations (661) 395-4221
(661) 395-4478
M&O 102
Norma Rojas-Mora Marketing & Public Relations
Director of Communication and Community Relations (661) 395-4382
CC 232
Cheryl Scott Bakersfield College Foundation
Executive Director (661) 395-4840
CC Executive Suite
Imelda Simos-Valdez Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)
Executive Director, Categorical Programs (661) 395-4351
CSS 182
Ashlea Ward Outreach and Early College
Interim Director, Outreach (661) 395-4470