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CSEA Executive Board

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The CSEA Chapter Executive Board consists of individual, elected officers and is the body that has the "responsibility and authority to manage chapter operations between general and special membership meetings." (Executive Board, Publication 105, CSEA.) Your CSEA Executive Board is the chapter leadership that manages the affairs of Chapter 336 and its elected officers.

For a more detailed look at each officer's duty and authority, refer to the CSEA Chapter 336 Constitution.

Executive Board, Chapter 336

Officer Office Phone Email
Tina Johnson President/Negotiator 661-395-4009

Bernadette Martinez Vice President 661-395-4410

Heather Skibinski                             Treasurer 661-395-4020

Mary Webb Secretary 661-395-4405

Stephanie Vega Public Relations Officer 661-395-4837

Chris Glazer Site Representative Coordinator 661-395-4015


Anna Meyer

Job Steward 661-336-5114
Victor Crosswaithe Job Steward 661-395-4301
Clarissa Bartlett Job Steward 661-395-4345

Rena Hamblin

Negotiator 661-336-5015
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